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  1. Thanks for the honesty! And thank you to everyone else for your comments. I only posted this thread to warn other newbies not to make the silly mistake that I made. I take full responsibility for being a fool on this occasion. I have looked on ebay and found a chap selling these bars as genuine. I got in touch with him and he told me he wasnt sure if they were real or not, I assured him they were fake and gave him proof. He then admitted he had bought them from 'Coiny' . He didnt stop the auction and sold them at over £30 a bar.. The word 'plated' was no where to be seen on his
  2. This is what I actually received.
  3. I do admit that I made the newbie error of not noticing the word 'plated' but as someone else pointed out, they are using fake reviews and this is not the bar(s) I received.
  4. I have emailed them and explained that if wanted silver plated gold bars I would have bought silver plater gold bars. I am sure they will be refunding me my 2,200 chinese yuan any time now..
  5. Sacre Bleu! Never did like the French...
  6. https://thecoiny.com/
  7. That is slick! Thanks
  8. oh, it puts the quote thing in the corner...
  9. You have to laugh How on earth do you quote on this forum?? I pressed the quote button but nothing happened... Luckily my first silver purchase was from a more reputable source so I am currently in possession of the suckers package of 2 x 1kg Metalor bars in a lovely over priced wooden box from Bullion by post. Onwards and upwards
  10. Luckily It wasn't my last £250, and I am now looking into epoxy resin so I can make myself a really fly mouse pad out of silver plated gold bars. If it works out, I might buy more and start selling mousepads.
  11. I am pretty sure they are real gold, what else could it be? I didnt actually visit their website, i responded to an advert on Facebook. Whats even better, is that I paid with a debit card. Shoot me now
  12. I am very new to all this and just got scammed by a deal that was too good to be true..lesson learned and all that.. I ordered 20 1 oz bars from an American looking site but when i got the dispatch email, it showed they were coming from china. Fake bars just arrived. Just a heads up for any other newbies, I am sure most people here know better! The weight is good, not responsive to magnets. A little bit of filing revealed the cheeky buggers sent me silver plated gold bars
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