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  1. Here are 8 nice examples of Leopold II Belgian 5 Franc coins. I would like to sell as one lot. 25 g coins of 0.900 silver 2 x 1869 1 x 1870 1 x 1871 1 x 1872 2 x 1873 1 x 1875 £205 including postage (signed for)
  2. For sale are a couple of sovereigns - 1891 and 1892 £325 each postage not included. Your choice, just let me know. BT only please.
  3. Coins are 25g of .900 silver Great examples, £50 for the pair. France - 1832 W (Lille) Phillipe I 5 Francs France - 1839 A (Paris) Phillipe 1 5 Francs Postage not included. Please let me know your preferred choice of postage
  4. Digs

    wanted Libertads

    Managed to take a 2002 and a 2018. Still happy to add those missing years though.
  5. Digs

    wanted Libertads

    Looking to fill some gaps in my 1 oz Libertad collection. 86, 87, 88, 89 91-95 2001-2006 2010 2016 and 2019 Please give me a shout if you have any you want to move on. Thank you
  6. If it means anything to you I bought a tube of coins from the person I think you are referring to and they arrived sealed and in good condition. I know their name and they are always helpful I find. I presume your order would be insured too wouldnt it?
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