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  1. Hi, I have now sold my gold sovereign collection and now wish to sell two books I have which are both signed by the author, Michael A. Marsh. The books are: - The Gold Sovereign (2002) Gold Jubilee Edition; and - The Gold Half-Sovereign (2004) Second Edition. They are both used but in very good condtion (photos attached). Would anyone be interested in buying these books? Regards Mat
  2. Sorry didn't see the message. I still have the 1891 and 1900 full sovereigns and 1898 and 1908 half sovereigns.
  3. Thanks for the tip Connor. Not sure if mine is or not but worth checking.
  4. Thanks but not looking to sell at bullion/spot value. It does say that in my initial post.
  5. I have a collection of 8 gold sovereigns I would like to sell. 5 x full sovereigns and 3 x half sovereigns. The sovereigns are all in excellent condition and are uncirculated. 5 x full sovereigns: 路 1891 (London Mint) 拢320 SOLD 路 1900 (Sydney Mint) 拢320 SOLD 路 1957 (London Mint) 拢425 SOLD 路 2004 (London Mint) 拢350 SOLD 路 2000 Gold Proof Sovereign in presentation case and box 拢430 3 x half sovereigns 路 1898 (London Mint) 拢150 SOLD 路 1908 (Sydney Mint) 拢150 SOLD 路 1912 (London Mint) 拢22
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