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  1. Bought one out of sheer curiosity and after seeing all the chatter about it, suffice to say I'm glad I never got involved in the hype train. 1st QB and a lovely big dirty spot beside the Unicorn. I know it's only a bullion grade coin but.......
  2. Also, we in the E.U. can't buy from the U.K. unless we pay the import duties and extra taxes.
  3. Bit of a bucket lister for the collector in me, a 2007 Ivan Mestrovic €15 silver proof, and then like waiting for a bus 2 turn up together.
  4. Yep, "thuribles" normally have 3 connection points and then a 4th that is connected to the lid and is used to lift and open. We'll have to sort out a prize for whoever solves this one.
  5. My initial thought was possibly a decorative chatelaine type of belt, from an Irish perspective I'd have said they look more like fleur de lis than shamrock.
  6. The postman was nice to me today. My 1st Libertad in the collection. A random 1oz round, Morgan Dollar a 1oz U.S. Dollar and a Yugoslavian 1000 Dinara along with 2 Vatican commemorative coin sets.
  7. Hard to follow The 3 Graces above, but received this 2016 Year of the Monkey Lion Privy today. At €15 in a job lot I don't think I'll ever get a better deal 😁
  8. Share the update with a friend of mine and he loved it too, said he might go for the 2oz...Wait. What..I didn't see anything about a 2oz. So like a kid in a sweetshop I'll have 1 of them and 1 of them.
  9. Very interesting indeed, will be interesting to see what sort of a premium these will carry.
  10. Not my first silver, as I'd been a collector of antique silver for a few years previous but my first coin purchase was this 1896 silver Liberty Dollar, nothing special but I wanted a silver dollar and this was the only one I'd seen in the coin shop, the owner was a gentleman and gave it to me for €22 all the way back in September 2010. I've bought a few bits and bobs over the years from him and only ever sold 1 coin, a tourist/customer left me his loose change having served him his last pint of Guinness..........Long story short, one of the coins made a funny sound, blah de blah, checked them all out and in with the dirty old bashed up coppers was a filthy dirty half sovereign 🙃🤣 I probably should have kept it, but we split the tips between the 3 barstaff so off to the coin dealer i go, we had a nice night out on the back of that.
  11. My 1st order from Celtic gold and a little Germania Allegories that I had to have since watching BYB's video on it. Also my 1st post in this thread, so a bit of work to do to get the quality of pictures some of the other posters have mastered.
  12. I'll send you one as my first good deed for joing up to the forum, if you want to send me a pm with details and I'll get one in the post for you.
  13. I've a few of them, needed 1 for a Balboa that I had and ended up having to buy a box of 10. I'll send you 1 or 2 if you want.
  14. Hey all, new to the forum but not new to collecting silver. Have been at it for a few years and recently more into bullion and collector coins. Looking forward to learning as we all go on. Thanks in advance and already for all the knowledge and snippets of inform I've gained already.
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