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  1. That's great news. Hopefully saved some time and handy for the future. Paired with Numista its a very helpfull bit of kit.
  2. We may just have come up with a new Thread/Challenge. 🤔
  3. In otherwords you are thinking ....."Whats the most obscure coin I have, and will it identify it" ......😆 I hope it is of some use to you.
  4. Hi theman73, there is a handy little app called coinoscope, its free in the app store and it will help you with identifying. Simple as pionting the camera at and snapping a pic, if its in their database you will instantly get the deatils, makeup, weight alll that malarky. There is also an estimate value option, how accurate that is I cannot say. Anyhow, best of luck with the search and hopefully you do find something nice in there.
  5. They are Cook Islands $2:50 50g coin bars.
  6. Hi FFposh, I go the tubes from kraatz-edelmetalle.de other than morezone on here it's the only place in Europe that I've found them. About €2:50 a pop. And all I can say is....well worth it.
  7. Little delivery today, a few tubes and capsules to save some space and tidy up the small bit of space in the safe...and a few more ounces to take up that saved space 🤭
  8. Cheers lads thanks for the replies. I was just a bit suspicious as the seller usually deals in cars and parts.... much as I'd like one of them it's not happening at the moment. Thanks again.
  9. Forgot to add the all important price.
  10. Well my dear laddin's...spotted this for sale and wondered what ye made of it. Looks the part but just the sellers items and history make me smell a rat.
  11. Morezone is a member here and comes highly recommended. I have used Eldoradocoins.de and Kraatz-edelmetalle.de for capsules, but of course fleabay and amazon are also there depending what exactly you are looking for.
  12. Latest addition to the collection so to speak....2020 program was shelved because of some worldwide event. Flying under the radar, no email or PR about the release and a reduced mintage of only 2000.
  13. Home today after a week in hospital for back surgery and came home to these sexy Mexicans.
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