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  1. I would like to add that if you are going to look into buying a hard asset like gold, then make sure you keep your proof of purchase and ensure that money comes out of your bank account, not a cash payment. If you were then to sell the commodity then make sure you sell it and can prove where that money came from and what for. Your mortgage lender and conveyancer will be looking into money laundering so you need to keep your paperwork and money trail tight AF. If you cannot prove where that money came from then you WILL be declined a mortgage.
  2. Have you ever played Eve online? The Minmatar have the saying "In rust we trust"... for context these are some fairly large spaceships flying about! And if you find yourself enjoying the challenge of cleaning coins then more power to you its not a bad thing, just different people have different preferences. But yeh, if its all going in the melt pot, silver is silver!
  3. I myself would have left them (not saying they look bad). But remember these are your coins so none of our opinions really matter. You are enjoying them the way you want which is what this is all about that said, whats not to like about shiny treasure!
  4. I reckon it looks pretty neat... But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked!
  5. @UKcoinGuy Hi pal, wondering if you progressed any further with things?
  6. Hi Chris can I have the 2018 and 2019 brits please, PM if still available thanks
  7. You'll find that people selling second hand silver buillion will pretty much charge the +vat price so unless you know its real and your getting a good deal/you want something specific you might aswell buy from a dealer. Obviously good deals can be picked up on the forum. That been said if someone paid 30 quid for a Britannia inclusive of VAT, thats normally the minimum they will sell it for.
  8. Oh boy, I'm definitely going to be collecting these!
  9. if you care to, use this link. https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/1873-1-seated/6971 Very handy magnifying glass as your mouse over, you might be able to pick out some differences if there are any. Check the measurements and weights as well. You can see the Patina in the ones shown on a few different grades of coin, if it is real then it has likely been cleaned which would certainly devalue the coin a bit.
  10. Like Leon said, if that is real then kudos. Extremely nice coin. Would reccomend getting that graded if its in your possession. May have been cleaned if it looks like that?
  11. Not seen these before, they look amazing!
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