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  1. It isn't a joke. But I wonder if bullion prices are going up and basic coins are raising premiums with it... Hmmm food for though.
  2. Absolutely pete. That's why I picked them up in the first place. They were literally the cheapest 1oz coins when sorted by price. I wonder if the recent conflict in Armenia may have added some desire for these coins.
  3. Hi guys. Sorry if it's a noob question. I had a quick look on eBay and some 2013 Noahs ark coins are going for 30-32+ pounds sterling. Any idea why they are taking such a premium?
  4. Hi everyone, The items are now sold. Hi All, hope your doing well and thanks for perusing. I am new to all this, bare with me if I forget something. All items are silver, in very good condition, been in a box behind the bed for the last 6 or so years. I have 1x 10oz Perth mint Koala 2014, 1x 10oz Perth mint Kookaburra 2014, 1x 10oz Perth mint Kookaburra 2015, I would like 260 pounds (GBP) each that would include royal mail special delivery. Feel free to contact me if you want to make an offer for one or more. payments can be made digitally, or via PayPa
  5. nope, not buying, in fact i'm actually hoping to sell. i brought a bunch of assorted stuff during a bit of a buying spree way back when the price was about 14 pounds an oz. cant bring myself to pay the current rates.
  6. i have a rabbit, snake, dragon and horse. all 1/2 oz series 2 in perfect condition. also have 2012 and 2014 koalas, 2014 great white sharks. I also have various other coins.
  7. Hi all, I brought some silver years ago, odd pieces that looked pretty at the time. Put them away and troddled off to the middle east for 6 years. fun times till the company I work for decided to blackmail me, and I ended up having to surrender myself for voluntary deportation. Back home to the snow and the rain, Parks and greenery. Most of my life focuses around my daughter, shes 4, going on 40, keeps me busy and learning new things I never thought I would ever find out. like how much fun foam soap is. Her mum had an accident years ago, so I'm a full time mum and dad as wel
  8. hi, i'm here for the same. some old stuff i found kicking around after a long trip to the ME, hoping some of it has some value, Ebay seems to think so.
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