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  1. I agree with the above. Looking at the inventory I suspect the thieves will be disappointed that there were no gold coins. All the coins appear to be of interest to collectors only and I think the robbers will have great difficulty in selling these on especially as some of the coins were low value.
  2. Yes, from Royal Mint. In a screw capsule with an insert.
  3. The postie brought the quarter sovereign today. That completes the set at the moment but I would dearly love a five sovereign to go with them.
  4. The BCC have a stand at the Midland Coin Fair every month. I have bought several coins from them and found them to be pukka. I have not sold anything to them but I did enquire if they would take a bullion Britannia if I needed the cash and they were agreeable. If you can get the price you want I don’t see any problem dealing with them. By the way, I have no connection with the company other than as a customer.
  5. Just had my double delivered in a push fit, the single in a screw and the half in a blister.
  6. I just had the postie deliver these beauties from the Royal Mint.
  7. I have half and full sovereign weights both dated 1843 and inscribed ‘Royal Mint’ and giving weights of a) two pennyweights and thirteen and an eight grains and b) five pennyweights and two and a half grains. I don’t know anything about coin weights so would appreciate some pictures of yours and any commentary on them that you can give.
  8. You got a low number! I got 3463 and didn't get into the Royal Mail's site until after 11 o'clock.
  9. King Bhumibol is still ahead of her at 72 years and 126 days.
  10. I decided to return the coin to the seller. I said it was a fake and that I understood that the coin had originally been on sale for £9K. He accepted the return and refunded my money. He initially commented- 'I have received your return request and that is fine I will sort it out this afternoon. The coin came to me from a respected London gold dealer who do all their own checks before selling, so I will be sending it back to them on return. I am not in the realms of trying to deceive anyone which is why I let it go for a little above the gold spot price in the end. Apologies for the inconvenience. Your refund will be processed once the coin comes back.' He then later added- 'I just wanted to let you know that I have contacted the London dealers who have now told me that the coin is probably a re-strike and that they checked it was the correct weight and carat before it came to me. It will be going back to them to be checked again. Many thanks and apologies again'. I didn't know there were restrikes for this coin, Numista don't mention it! And I don't think he addressed the point that if he believed it was genuine why would he drop the price from £9k to accepting my offer of £360. I received another German coin today. I hope this one isn't a fake as well! Any ideas on its value?
  11. Leon, >>been looking this coin for weeks if its the same one from beattybaz off ebay it was up for 400 quid Yes it is this one. I got it for £360! >>If its genuine you have a bargain it's a 10,000 coin minimum People like me don't get that lucky! >>However in my opinion its a copy of its the same coin I think you may be right that its a fake. But now I have a dilemma. Do I get it graded by NGC just in case it is genuine? Bixley
  12. Alex944, Thank you very much for your comments. I was wondering whether the coin is genuine. It was bought on ebay from someone who appears to be a dealer judging from the number of coins he has for sale. He also has an ebay rating of over 2000. I paid little more than bullion value for it. On the plus side, the weight appears about right, the diameter is about right and although worn the edge inscription is there. Does anyone know of an expert who could help me ascertain its genuineness? Regards, Bixley
  13. I have just obtained this coin and I would like the experts to give me their thoughts on its value. The numista page gives its mintage as 6000 and its rarity as 97. The weight of my coin is 7.99g with a diameter of 22.57mm.
  14. So if it is a new series what is its theme? Sovereign designs over the centuries? I would go for that big time.
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