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  1. >>Come to think of it the last time the UK had reigning Kings, the world saw a World War during each reign. Come to think of it Kaiser Wilhelm, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Czar Nicholas didn't do too well either.
  2. I bought something on last Sunday’s auction. It arrived on Tuesday.
  3. I didn’t know they were based in Switzerland!
  4. The picture, which I assume is the royal trumpet, would seem a bit busy to make a good design for a coin.
  5. I just received this in an email from Bleyer Bullion: 'We've suffered another setback with the 1kg Silver Queen's Beast Completer 2021 coins, unfortunately. The Royal Mint had to move production to the US, resulting in massive supply shortages and delays, at least until the end of the month. We're incredibly sorry to those of you who are still waiting but we really appreciate your patience. We've been told that The Royal Mint will give a statement on this shortly so we'll keep you posted'. Am I the only one who didn't appreciate that the RM were having coins minted in the US?
  6. I did follow up on your suggestion. I had a slightly confused response of - no longer available - not yet in stock - a marker on the website for the future - I will try to find out more and call you back in a few days. I have been advised to keep looking at the website to see if the status changes.
  7. I have long awaited the last 10oz QB, Greyhound of Richmond, but it seems no longer available. This was at 09.03 when I logged onto the RM site. Did they all sell out in three minutes?
  8. The specifications for the real thing are: .50 Browning bullet diameter 12.95mm neck diameter 14.08mm base diameter 20.28mm rim diameter 20.35mm case length 99mm total length 138mm weight 116.5gr The cartridge has also been used by the military for long range sniping.
  9. Doh! I never thought to look in Wikipedia. I've looked at the German site, very comprehensive. Thanks for the tips.
  10. Whenever the topic of forgeries comes up on this forum, folks are advised the check the coin's specifications. The advice is to check the weight, diameter and the thickness of the coin. Data for the weight and diameter seems freely available but what about thickness? Places I have checked are the Royal mint and Numista websites, and the publications 'Coins of England' and 'Coin Yearbook'. Ideas anyone?
  11. Beautiful coins also displayed beautifully. May I ask where you acquired the stands.
  12. Did you buy the ducat direct from the Austrian mint? If so, any difficulties with vat, customs, carrier etc?
  13. Whatever the RM do, I hope they do it in gold bullion versions so mere mortals can afford them.
  14. That's a really great acquisition. Well worth the money. You must be delighted. Regards, Bixley P.S. The coins look good too!
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