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  1. I'm interested in the ducat. Please contact me via a personal message. Bixley
  2. Bixley

    Austrian Mint

    Hmmm, no replies. Does this mean that there are better ways of acquiring Austrian bullion coins? No UK dealer seems to have any in stock. Are the restrikes of limited interest to UK buyers?
  3. Bixley

    Austrian Mint

    Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, of ordering direct from the Austrian mint, especially since we left the EU. In particular, I'm interested in using a debit card with its attendant mark up and the difficulties, if any, with customs, VAT and delivery. Thanks in advance for any insights.
  4. Time for a bit of idle speculation on the coins referred to in the above gazette announcement! Who can come up with the best guess for the price (including VAT) that the Royal Mint will charge for the bullion silver completer coins: £2 / 31g, £5 / 62g, £10 / 156g, £500 / 1005g and £1000 / 2010g.
  5. I'm curious and slightly baffled. The Queens Beasts Completer coins have disappeared from the Royal Mint website apart from the 1oz gold bullion version. Why do the RM issue new coins in such tiny numbers that unless you are on their website the moment they are announced, the chances of obtaining one is extremely slight before they are sold out. Isn't this a bit of a kick in the teeth for the ordinary loyal collectors of a series who don't have the resources to buy a 5oz gold proof version a the drop of a hat. Thoughts?
  6. The postie delivered this from the Royal Mint today. How long, I wonder, will it be before the RM issue a 10oz silver version. This design lends itself to the larger format and will be simply stunning.
  7. Won't that be the face value on the other side? Has anyone got a picture of that side? Regards, David
  8. I received a 2021 double sovereign today, pictured with the one from last year.
  9. The postie popped this through my letterbox yesterday.
  10. I've been looking for a 1oz gold griffin for some time and not finding one. Are you willing to sell yours, Pete? I'm prepared to pay over the odds but not £2,700! Regards, Bixley
  11. Just ordered one from Royal Mint website.
  12. What is the position with ordering gold from France? Do you have to pay VAT or is gold exempt? I'm rather tempted by the 100 franc coins.
  13. Does anyone have one for sale?
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