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  1. Arrived this morning, thank you. They look even better than the pics.
  2. Do you have any more of these for sale?
  3. Thanks for the update. I buy coins regularly every month but I have never used Atkinsons before. I will now, businesses that provide quality customer service and show they value the customer are becoming a rare thing.
  4. My criticism was your poor customer service and poor communication. It had nothing to do with your stock levels. I make an effort to avoid all types of businesses that behave as they are doing the customer a favour.
  5. Mike1976

    What to buy...

    If you buy the coins in smaller weights than the 1oz you’ll pay a slightly higher premium but if you ever find yourself in a position of needing cash the smaller weight coins will mean you can liquidate your gold closer to the amount of cash needed. No point selling 1oz of gold if you only need the value of 1/2 oz. Also the smaller weight coins give you a bigger group of potential buyers if you sell.
  6. I’ve got to agree with the advice already given. Stick with the standard bullion coins.
  7. Mike1976

    Gold from the US.

    I don’t think this is a VAT. I believe it’s the new charge of U.K. Border Fee.
  8. I recommend using silver dip.
  9. What time length are you looking at before cashing in?
  10. No worries. Any one buying this from you will pay for the weight/value of gold. A couple of scratches or dinks on common coins won’t affect the value of them.
  11. Forget the phone app and trust your eyes. The security features are present and the coin looks beautiful from the photos. And it’s already been said that there are plenty other gold coins that are easier to fake than the 2021 Britannia.
  12. Can I suggest that if you haven’t already send @LawrenceCharda dm on here in the hope you can reach an agreeable solution. I got the impression from his comments yesterday that he is reasonable and willing to help you if you were to make direct contact away from this thread.
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