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  1. Mike1976

    Gold from the US.

    I don’t think this is a VAT. I believe it’s the new charge of U.K. Border Fee.
  2. I recommend using silver dip.
  3. What time length are you looking at before cashing in?
  4. No worries. Any one buying this from you will pay for the weight/value of gold. A couple of scratches or dinks on common coins won’t affect the value of them.
  5. Forget the phone app and trust your eyes. The security features are present and the coin looks beautiful from the photos. And it’s already been said that there are plenty other gold coins that are easier to fake than the 2021 Britannia.
  6. Can I suggest that if you haven’t already send @LawrenceCharda dm on here in the hope you can reach an agreeable solution. I got the impression from his comments yesterday that he is reasonable and willing to help you if you were to make direct contact away from this thread.
  7. Mike1976


    It reminds me of a My Little Pony
  8. That was kind of my point. Who actually reading that considers that the wait is actually indefinitely. I would never have proceeded with the purchase once I’d read the pop up banner telling me the wait is possibly indefinite. If I had made the purchase I would not have waited longer than 3 months before trying to recover my money I also would not have believed the wait had no pre-determined end date. Any other business that operates a pre-order option on an order atleast give you an expected delivery date. Feb last year I preordered and payed at that point of ordering for somethi
  9. @shep when this thread first started I wondered who would actually agree to the T&Cs and it seems now that from most responses on the thread not many would. I was more curious as to what you would consider a reasonable time to wait. I would never buy on those terms but if for some reason I did I would have waited 3 months max (dependant on the reply from the seller) before speaking to my bank in the hope they would charge back the money taken.
  10. @Darr3nGyou have quoted me out of context. The part you quoted was a direct question to another forum member and not regarding the OP not reading the T&Cs. Also the question was hypothetical and was more about how long they would think is a reasonable waiting time as an experienced buyer. The question was not about if they would have actually agreed to the T&Cs as an experienced buyer.
  11. @shep your are correct that the full picture wasn’t given at the beginning. I may be wrong but my assumption was the OP was trying to avoid the calling out of Chards and just genuinely wanted advice. Out of interest as i am newbie from your point of view as an experienced buyer how long would you be willing to wait if you placed the same order (regardless of price movements since you placed the order) and you were told after a month waiting that the wait was indefinite and your only option was to wait indefinitely or request a buy back (not a full refund) Would you not put a time limit
  12. I’m glad it’s not just me that sees it this way. I do not know of any other business or item you could buy and it is reasonable to be expected to wait indefinitely for the item to arrive. If the seller is insistent on running this type of service full payment should not be taken from the buyers account until the item is sourced and ready to be sent.
  13. @Shep you also mentioned that this thread has caused the dealers reputation to be dragged through the mud. I have never bought from Chards but had seen them on here and I was a potential customer. I will never order from Chards now, not because of the OP and his issue with them but because of the response by Chards on this thread. If a business chooses to deal with a complaint by belittling the customer and suggesting he is an idiot by not understanding their idiot proof order system then they are not a business I would ever choose to give my money to. The OP did not come on here and call th
  14. If this is a one off incident then setting the precedent of refunding the customer would have zero impact on running their business. They did not have the item he bought and could not offer a delivery time so would have not lost any money by refunding him. If this complaint is not a one off then they cannot claim that the system is idiot proof. I do not own or run a business and I do not believe the customer is always right but I do think good customer service is priceless. If a business values their customers then that should/would show in how they treat or speak to even the most diffic
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