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  1. When physical silver is back in stock and the price to buy is spot price + the previous premium. At the moment paper silver price and physical have massively diverged.
  2. We won't know until market opens tonight. Lots of videos about american dealers and people being unsure if they are stopping orders to wait until market opens and making more money from the expected price rise on opening or if they are completely out of stock. I don't know if it's the same over here. I tried to put some funds to buy some coins from Royal Mint but the payment wouldn't go through on RM's end.
  3. Thanks everyone for all your views. We agreed on settling at £250. The coin will go into my collection and if I did end up selling it then the price isn't too far of spot.
  4. Yes I bought it as an investment. I though £30 per oz was very reasonable as investment cost for a perth lunar coin with a low mintage. It's a lovely looking coin but shame about the damage. I think I will return it and just buy some britannias.
  5. I bought this 2003 10 oz lunar year of the goat coin for £300 on ebay. The coin was described as excellent condition with no marks, just even toning. The coin arrived today and there's a dent. I've taken some photos (not good ones) but it's definitely noticable in person. I'm trying to decide if I should keep the coin, return it, or ask for some money back. So how much of an effect does this have on the coin's value and should I keep the coin or return it?
  6. Hello all I am after some Perth Lunar series 2 (2008-2019) 10 oz silver coins to finish my collection. I require: 2008 year of mouse 2009 year or ox 2010 year of tiger 2011 year of rabbit Thanks
  7. Goal for me: go from 0 gold to some gold. Going to be hard whilst I'm saving money for a house deposit.
  8. These look amazing. I really want the silver set but £285 is a lot of money for 3 oz of silver. I'm very new to collecting/investment so what are these coins like in terms of investment for the future?
  9. Thanks for the welcome.
  10. I started collecting 10 oz lunar ii couple weeks ago. However I found a 1kg coloured year of dog which I couldn't pass up the opportunity to own.
  11. Hello everyone. It's my first time investing so I decided to start collecting silver a couple of weeks ago. I decided to go for 10 oz queen's beast and 10 oz perth lunar II coins as they both look amazing. I'm looking forward to see if I can complete the sets but it's going to be a difficult task.
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