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  1. The voting does seem to show what I thought may have been the type of result.... To me it shows even though we stack we are "collectors" at heart 🙂
  2. All of those are very nice...... Perth Mint one of my favourite mints and they do do some nice stuff
  3. I love Kennedy half dollars and have a weakness and have (probably too many) 64s 🙂
  4. And that's the beauty of collecting PMs there is a range to fit everyone's taste.. No one will ever take my QBs away from me 🙂
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean... a lot of my "newer" coins are still in their boxes, tucked away whilst I have older coins on my desk and accessible 🙂 I agree I like to have tubes on Brits on my desk (alongside the older ones) just to lay out and look at haha
  6. Interesting points... so hallmarking an item then wouldn't provide some levels of comfort on quality and content? Yeah very nice and I can see the appeal 😉
  7. Silver definitely has its ups and downs, but which type would you hold onto more than anything else......? Would it be that modern, high graded proof with a low mintage and sort after by many vibe or the historic piece that has been through countless hands and travelled, who knows where, in its its lifetime. Is it the one that is a little different from the "norm", that gets you excited. Or those that are a depiction of people, places or achievements that when you look at it, you feel comforted by and will never part with. To me its like music.... It depends on the mood you may feel at the time.... Holding a 200 year old crown can make you think of history and therefore spark memories of your own past that are gone but hold dear, whilst modern coins can make you look to the future and think... will this be here in 200 years from now?... and how much can I get if i flip it now or next week 🤣 As a silver pourer each piece that is made I wonder who will look at it in years to come and ask a question on TSF with its millions of subscribers... Whose Hallmark is that 🙂 As a collector... its all the above for me, with a definite bias towards older coins and poured silver (now I couldn't say anything different could I).... So what's your "weakness"
  8. Afternoon all, today i have a pocket hug token for sale...stamped with a motivational message. This bar weighs 1.5 troy ounces (46.8g) It is hallmarked and comes with a COA and is priced at £48.75 plus postage We have a few different "blanks" poured and hallmarked ready for your own message to be stamped (pics below) Heart 1.4 troy ounces £45.50 1.6 troy ounces £52 Button 1 troy ounce £32.50 1.1 troy ounces £35.75 Mini ingot 0.5 troy ounces £16.25 (these are 1cm square) Bar 1.4 troy ounces £45.50
  9. Good Morning all. Today i have one of our beautiful hand poured dragon heads for sale It weighs 6.6 troy ounces (205.9g) It is hallmarked and comes with a COA Price is £220 delivered (SD)
  10. Hello all. Today we have one of our feathered hearts for sale. It weighs 3.4 troy ounces (106.6g) It has been hallmarked and comes with a COA As always, it will arrive beautifully gift boxed making it an ideal gift Price is £115 delivered
  11. Morning all. I have another of our hand poured .999fs Thors Celtic hammers for sale. This one weighs 2.17 troy ounces (67.4g) It is hallmarked and comes with a COA Priced at £75 delivered Thanks for looking
  12. Afternoon all, today i have for sale another hand poured "Tree of Life" It weighs 2 troy ounces (64.2g) It has been hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay and comes with a COA £65 delivered
  13. Evening everyone. I have for sale one of our hand poured angel wing buttons for sale. It weighs 0.9 troy ounces Hallmarked by Edinburgh Assay and comes with a COA It can also have the black enamel finish to highlight the logo (see last photo) Priced at £32 delivered.
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