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  1. That's the annoying thing 😂, we get hit with big premiums but I wonder what the banks buying 1000ozt bars by the pallet are paying? Given most of the institutional stuff probably never leaves a vault but has a different 'property of' sticker stuck on it, I doubt they're paying massive premiums and they'll be clawing back the vat. I agree though, the price of silver for us normies is a different beast to spot/paper market trickery.
  2. With Basel 3 coming into effect in June I'm inclined to think prices of silver and gold are being kept low/pushed lower so banks can hoover up cheap metal to cover the 85% reserved funding requirement for derivatives. It'll be interesting to see what happens post June 28th.
  3. Looks like libertad production has been suspended, Is it likely to be similar to the goings on at the Perth mint Or just Mexico having to shut non essential business? https://www.gata.org/node/21033
  4. Congrats to the winners in the last thread and thanks to the organisers 😁. 24 is my guess for this bit.
  5. Timbo45

    Queens Beasts

    Have you ever had to invoke the ebay Buyer Protection? Just curious as I've never had to but I do wonder what the burden of proof is for fake bullion coins.
  6. Would a parcel forwarding company work for this? Ship the purchase to a parcel forwarding Co in NI with an NI address (who accept delivery on your behalf) and then they forward the parcel to you on the mainland? The cost of using such a service might be prohibitive and I'm not immediately aware of any based in NI. Might need a Google.
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