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  1. I think the result could be a consequence of inadequate testing. Most likely, there was silver residue left inside from previous tests because I has silver coins tested afterwards and the result was 99.9% pureity. If we suppose the coin is not authentic, this would almost certainly mean that it has a tungsten core as no one would be making a fake coin with 98.2% gold. However, it is also unlikely that they would plate it with 98% gold and 1% silver since it does not make any sense either. It would either be 100% gold plated if the copy is good and the plating is thick or it would show tu
  2. Hello everyone, Let me start off by saying that I have this thing wanting to make extra sure that the bullion I have is real. So basically, whenever I buy gold from a dealer for the first time, I'd rather test it. I got that coin 6 weeks ago from a local dealer who has been on the market for about 2 years but it's the first time I get a from them. I definitely wouldn't say he is shady or something. Quite on the contrary, the company is being advertised and I've even seen him on some smaller TV channels' programs to discuss the gold market and products. Yet the coin I got from th
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