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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone on this group could help me, I'm looking for 1916 Full Gold Sovereign and good condition Q Victoria silver crown. Thanks very much for your help. Kind regards Barry
  2. OK. Thanks for letting me know. Cheers
  3. is the 1868 still for sale?
  4. I will take them. PM on route.
  5. Hi, Would anybody be able to help me complete my Egyptian gods round set? I just need Anubis 2oz. Many thanks. Barry
  6. Can I thank everybody for their quick and insightful feedback on my coin. I am much happier about the purchase now. Thanks again.🙂
  7. Hi Liam, Thank for letting me know. Appreciated. The coin only cost me £36 but did not want it to be fake.
  8. Hi Lawrence. Thanks for your opinion. Its worrying when you don't have the experience and think you might have bought a fake coin.
  9. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for taking the time with the video. The location the B does look like its in the right location and the "T" would have been worn down with perhaps a bad strike? I will do the size, weight, magnet and ping test as well.
  10. H,i I have just started looking at older silver coins and have made my first purchase. Already I'm not sure the coin is genuine? My doubt is with the unclear T.B. marking as its seems small and as if there never was two initials? (in my inexperienced view!) The seller states its genuine and could be due to mint / striking? Any advice from more experienced members would be much, much appreciated. It will be a good learning process for me! Many Thanks Ps I have not received the coin yet, it is being posted.
  11. Hi Tritoon01, Can you please email me what lunar 2 half oz coins you still have for sale - Thanks
  12. Hi Bud, Done nothing so far. At the moment I'm just collecting, but will probably start small and see how it develops.
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