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    Currently looking to buy and trade silver coins, rounds and bars.

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  1. Not really any bar in specific, just need 1 oz bars. How much for these + postage?
  2. Can confirm, any item taken to checkout results in an error. + preorder for 2019 coins still available 😂
  3. Believe this site isn't functional anymore, attempted to purchase a silver brit 1oz for £22. Error at checkout. Also terms and conditions at checkout are literally just "We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties"
  4. 1oz gold buffalos for under spot?? Supposedly £1045 https://www.josephine-coins.co.uk/p/2017-24-carat-gold-buffalo-coin Seems too good to be true?
  5. Looking to buy a maximum of 15x any silver 1 troy oz 999 bar from any refinery, for £22-£30 depending on condition/mint/amount. Feel free to post your bars below or contact me via private message, thanks 😀
  6. I've attempted to buy said tax free coins and many occasions, but whenever I go to checkout it adds the tax on anyway.
  7. Wow, 90% prefer coins & rounds according to the poll. Would love to know why you stack them over bars 😀
  8. UK based I'm looking to expand my silver stack and also collect mint 30g silver pandas. Happy to be here! Also please vote on the poll, interested to know what you guys prefer.
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