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  1. Approximately 26,2 euro pr silver eagle. The price was offered last week before the drop in spot price.
  2. Hi, I’m a relatively new stacker. Been wondering why is there such a high premium on VAT free silver coins compared to gold coins? The gold coins I’ve bought have had a 4-7% premium. The VAT free silver coins is more like 25%. Is this the norm or does it fluctuate over time due to supply and demand or other reasons? Been offered to buy 100 silver eagles from 2014 approximately 25% over spot by a local dealer. It’s more or less the same price I paid from an online dealer for 100 VAT free philharmonics from 2021 incl shipping. Can’t figure out if its a good deal or not.
  3. Greetings from Denmark. Been thinking of investing in gold for many years but never took the plunge. At the beginning of this month I started stacking at the outlook of negative interest rates on savings account starting next year. Bought some 1 oz gold coins. Looking to buy more shortly and also som VAT free silver coins which I haven’t researched as much for now. Excited to join the forum and learn more on the subject.
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