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  1. Happy with my holding atm thank you
  2. That makes sense, thank you for explaining as I was unsure why people recommended Sov's.
  3. I get that they are cheap, but a quater Brit is also as cheap but with a better fineness. As an example a Sov has 7.322g of pure gold content at a cost of £345. A quater Brit has 7.775g of pure gold content at a cost of £391. Are they not the same value for the Gold you are getting?
  4. The stuff he puts in there is absolutely useless lol.
  5. Could someone please explain the appeal of Sov's? As far as I can see the fineness is not as pure as a Brit so what would be the advatnge of a Sov over a Brit? I realise a Brit is dearer but there are always half / quater Brit options also.
  6. Best option is to always store it in a secure location away from your home (bank vault or similar).
  7. So I have some extra cash at the moment and would love some advice regarding some smart investments. I have purchased several Gold Britannia's already. I also have some money in premium bonds which I could potentially increase. Anything else I could invest in at this current time?
  8. Interesting, I stand corrected. I was sure they made it mandatory. They really should to avoid cases like OP's.
  9. PayPal actually has this. When you attempt to log in they send a code to your mobile phone which you must input to successfully log in. This was optional until recently, where PayPal made it mandatory for all accounts. With this in mind I am not sure how the scammers managed to login to the victims account as they would require the code sent to the victims phone.
  10. Lol, yes I did. Oh well, what is done is done. To be honest I am not overly concerned as it was a small portion of my BTC holding. BTC to the moon
  11. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if its possible to cancel a Sharps Pixley order? Has anyone who has ordered from them managed to do this in the past? The order has not been shipped. It will be in the first week of Jan.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just joined and looking forward to reading, learning and contributing when possible. I hold mainly Bitcoin and Gold. I'm more of a casual investor, which is one of the reasons why i joined this forum. I want to learn more!
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