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  1. I think people are starting to realise that even now.
  2. I see, well that is ridiculous. EU retailers need to do something or I'm guessing they will lose UK business.
  3. All worth it for the Blue Passports.
  4. If someone in Germany for example orders something from them to a German address, and after receiving they send it to someone in the UK. Is this allowed and will it circumvent the added VAT?
  5. Due to some brilliant advice and an expertly crafted email by @AndrewSL76 I now have received a full refund. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for all the replies. In particular a huge thanks to @AndrewSL76 who has been immensely helpful in PMs.
  7. When I mentioned contract, I have not been provided with a literal contract. I was referring more towards my legal rights when dealing with the retailer. There is nothing on the retailers website about a situation such as mine.
  8. You've outlined my thinking exactly. This is why I need clarity on my legal standing. Another point is that I paid via Bitcoin, not sure if this changes anything in way of my legal rights.
  9. Yes I've chased up today. The delivery company has said there has been delays due to Covid. The retailer has rasied a complaint with the delivery company, so hopefully that should speed things up.
  10. Yes its a reputable dealer. I guess I'll have to wait then. Thank you for the kind words.
  11. Ordered something online which never arrived. Retailer has made a claim with delivery company. Retailer saying they have to wait until the claim is processed before they can refund me. As far as I'm concerned that's thier problem, my contract is with them and they have not fulfilled thier side of the deal by sending me the goods I paid for. Am I correct in this thinking (legally) or should I wait? It has been 20 days since the estimated delivery date.
  12. Happy with my holding atm thank you
  13. That makes sense, thank you for explaining as I was unsure why people recommended Sov's.
  14. I get that they are cheap, but a quater Brit is also as cheap but with a better fineness. As an example a Sov has 7.322g of pure gold content at a cost of £345. A quater Brit has 7.775g of pure gold content at a cost of £391. Are they not the same value for the Gold you are getting?
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