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  1. Do you still.have these ?
  2. Hi all Does anyone think a 50oz Johnson Mathey silver bar at £1185 is worth it or would it be difficult to sell down the line. Not that I can afford it. Just wanted to see if it's good value
  3. @dicker Thanks. Good idea. Never used forum comparison tool. Only joined in December. Will have to have a look. Agree would much prefer buying on here to support the forum and make friends and trade. Much more exciting and I will learn more than just buying from dealers.
  4. Silver taking a hit today. Anyone have an idea why
  5. I bought from kamik0zi. I am new on here but it was a great experience and I feel very safe buying on here. He delivered on time and the coins were great. I know some people on eBay are scammers. But i would expect most people on here are legit. I may be too trusting but I'd rather be that than suspicious of everyone.
  6. Hi New member here securitizones. Been stacking for a while. Mainly used Atkinson's and then coininvest but looking for better selection of coins. Still learning. Got scammed on eBay and hence decided to join forum to trade with more trusted people.
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