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  1. I’ll be buying gold the week after next - so I’ll guarantee it jumping back up to £1,400🤨
  2. Very interesting thanks for posting that, now to find a way to forecast 10 year inflation securities 😀
  3. Seeing Gold gradually falling (£1,354 at time of writing) this week while USD/GBP pretty stable, any one any views on what’s happening? Stability in the USA?
  4. Thankyou for the welcome, I have been eyeing the buying section looks like better deals available there!!
  5. Thankyou for the welcome Thankyou for the welcome
  6. No problem at all Chris, thanks for the welcome 🙂
  7. First post here so Hi everyone, thanks to all for a very useful and informative forum liquidated my last stack about 14 months ago to fund part of the deposit on a new home, since then gold has jumped up tremendously I see!! I was expecting / hoping that with Brexit sorted Sterling would strengthen somewhat and drive the GBP PM price down - sadly a few other things seem to be going on in the world stopping that dream coming to fruition. So getting back in the fold now and looking at modest gold stacking in 2021 - if I can end the year with 12 sovereigns I will consider the year
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