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  1. A great story and amazing coincidence I remember my Grandad telling me loads of people sold these for melt in the fifties and sixties when silver was worth something and times were hard I still have his medals in a box where they will stay until they get handed down to my kids hopefully never to be sold
  2. Two Una and the Lion bars from Royal Mint I do like these!!!
  3. Just ordered 2 x 1 oz Una bars from Royal Mint Dont usually do silver however the designs and format of these really grabbed me so thought I’d Chuck a few quid at them lets see how they do with quality and delivery🤨
  4. Been watching the Dollar cost go down and the GBP cost go up😗 Every silver lining has a cloud I guess..
  5. This thread has motivated me to calibrate my scales and weigh my sovereigns!! Pre decimal all 8.00g and the lone Decimal 7.98g If one was at 7.94 I’d feel a little cheated, I think your doing the right thing
  6. I was referring to 1 Oz Gold Britannia’s because the premium is an a par with sovereigns, unfortunately too expensive for me on a regular basis!!! For stacking, gold sovereigns and 1 oz Britannia’s are probably the two go to coins (and of course Krugerrands)
  7. On the basis that I baulk at high premiums I must be a stacker😉 Which is a shame because I really like the Britannia designs but fractional premiums are too high for my tastes So sovereigns it is until I can start stacking Britannia Ozzers
  8. I think sub £300 sovs will be with us within the next couple of weeks!! Spot at £1,210 should give £299 sovereign with 5% margin and that’s only a £35 drop in spot from now.... It will then shoot back up just before I make my next purchase in about 4 weeks 😮😮
  9. I did something similar when we bought our home a couple of years ago, the main deposit was held in cash bonds and my stack held in gold (about 20% of the deposit value) The stack was additional to the deposit not part of it the stack made a very helpful contribution to all the other costs involved in a house purchase I believe it’s too risky to put all your deposit into gold/investments when buying a home (rather than a second house as an investment opportunity)
  10. Assuming it’s a bullion coin I’d have no issue buying it off you - it’s absolutely fine
  11. A nice bullion sovereign to add to the stack
  12. I used to enjoy popping into HGM on my lunch break in the past, the characters I used to see there were fantastic from the guy with a huge bag full of flat silver to the little old lady with about 30 full tubes of sovereigns carried in her hand bag! Sadly their prices have gone off the scale for me now so don’t use them any longer.... I have a selection of dealers I like to use and keep an eye on prices and availability (Atkinsons, Sharps Pixley, and Chards)
  13. They are some of the pricier dealers! Sharps Pixley have QE2 sovereigns for £320.70 each (including postage) with spot at £1,289.73 - premium 5.6% which includes the postage cost
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