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  1. Damon

    wanted 999 silver

    Double donald bump
  2. Hiya peeps is there any damaged or cheap as possible coins for sale just bought a furness so gonna experiment? Thanks
  3. They still look nice , where would you recommend getting some 999 grains from ? Thanks
  4. Hows the pouring going on? Just got a furnace what's your opinion on using old 925 jewellery?
  5. Damon

    925 silver

    I'd buy 925 if I new it was a investment and it could get it sold down the line
  6. Damon

    925 silver

    So buying 925 silver at spot price is not worth it then we saying ?
  7. Damon

    925 silver

    It's my coach from the my gym he owns auction business and pretty much for nothing well under scrap price then melts it into bars
  8. Damon

    925 silver

    Iv got a decision to make so do I go 925 1kg for £395 or 999 for £650kg what's peoples thoughts ?
  9. Damon

    925 silver

    Bin offered 1kg of 925 silver in a block, he has his own auction business and gets it well below scrap price and pours its himself for £395 yay or nay?
  10. Damon

    925 silver

    Is 925 siver worth buying?
  11. Hiya stephem what is the price for 2 500g included delivery? Thanks
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