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  1. "Ball ache" 😄 Its a while since I've heard that term. Pretty much sums up the palaver involved though.
  2. Allow 3-5 days for funds to clear. Think I'll hold back for the moment.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. I haven't deposited yet. I assumed I'd just transfer it from my bank account like I do with Glint.
  4. All sorted now with my account. How close to spot is the silver price?
  5. Thanks for the heads up guys. I'm just in the process of verifying my ID(problems with selfie) with Kinesis. When that's sorted I'll deposit some cash and convert it into silver.
  6. Currently awaiting two orders from Atkinsons. Tried to buy 5 Queens Beasts earlier, but they only had 4 in stock.
  7. I've used ATS a few times. No problems whatsoever.
  8. HarryK

    Silver beginner.

    This has turned into an eye opening discussion for me.I can't help but admire Craigy's value approach to price per ounce.I got as far as adding a 250 Silver Britannia pack to my basket with Atkinsons today, what gave me second thoughts was for around £100 or so more I could buy 5 Gold Britannias.It worked out to a Gold to Silver ratio of around 51 Didn't seem to make great financial sense.Am I missing something?
  9. HarryK

    Silver beginner.

    Thanks Alan. More great advice.Not sure which category I fall in, probably stacker? I'm drawn to Gold and Silver because I have little faith in the fiat currency system. I'd rather have my spare cash in something that doesn't carry a counter party risk for the next few years.
  10. HarryK

    Silver beginner.

    Wow! Thanks Billy. Fantastically helpful response.I started collecting Gold Britannias a couple of months ago but now feel it's time to start adding some silver coins.I will take your advice and add Premium membership.Many thanks, much appreciated. 👍
  11. HarryK

    Silver beginner.

    I'm new to the forum and looking to start stacking silver coins. I'm considering 1oz Britannias, 2oz White Greyhounds and 10oz White Lions, all 2021's.Can anyone guide me as to the relative merits or drawbacks with these particular coins?
  12. I'm very interested in Kinesis, I'm waiting for them to accept deposits in gbp before I jump in.Meanwhile I've got myself a Glint card, obvious drawback being it only links to Gold.
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