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  1. Apologies for wasting anyones time on this. I have learned two new things from my posting. 1.Platinum coins are subject to Vat. 2.This forum has Platinum section. 😩
  2. Many thanks for the sage advice.This forum is an absolute godsend for relative newbies like myself.
  3. Where are the best places to buy these coins in the UK?
  4. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    Good morning Kevin. Thanks for the advice. On the subject of the US mint, my attention has been drawn to the Eagle Type II. Does that have the same finish as the Buffalo?
  5. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    Thanks Kevin.I suppose I should try a few sovereigns, they just look a bit nondescript compared to the chunkier 1oz coins. I did buy 250oz of Silver Britannias, but jeez they take some space up storage wise.
  6. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    How and under what circumstances I sell will depend on events obviously. For the moment I'm happy to diversify into Gold rather than have too much cash in the bank being eaten away by rampant inflation. To quote Rick Rule.. I view money in the bank as "Return free risk".
  7. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    Thanks for that carrots. A beautiful looking coin.
  8. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    Thanks Happy.I like the idea of owning a Panda. Why does the Buffalo have a more matt finish than the very shiny Britannias?
  9. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    My main goal is to convert fiat currency out of my bank into Gold in order to eliminate counter party risk. If I can have fun and increase my knowledge along the way, then all the better.
  10. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    Thanks Kevin, I'll have a look at the Maple. You've already taught me something new about the Krugerrand gold content. Much appreciated.
  11. HarryK

    Gold Buffalo.

    I am relatively new to stacking, having been collecting 1oz gold coins for about a year.Until now its mainly been Britannias', with a few Royal Arms and QBCs to add a little variation. Today I received my first 1oz Gold Buffalo. I'm blown away by the beauty of this coin, it seems to have a less shiny finish than my other coins.Now I've got the bug, any suggestions for other 1oz coins to add to my collection which may improve my knowledge and enhance my stacking experience?
  12. He also makes some very insightful comments on Basel lV.
  13. Watched this earlier today.. Twice actually.. The level of detail and complexity is mind boggling. Kudos to him.
  14. HarryK

    Silver beginner.

    Hi Goldhawk. I know what you mean about the premium, goes against the grain a bit when compared with gold premiums. I've been buying gold Britannias for nearly a year now, just thought it was time I diversified into silver.Like you,I feel that converting fiat into real money will pay off in the long term.
  15. HarryK

    Silver beginner.

    Daniel offered to double my stack if I stayed.. I wasn't having any of it. 😁
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