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  1. Read my mind... I’m inclined to make the purchase at £499, but at £999... meh, don’t think so.
  2. Now where’s that spare £50k I had lying around somewhere... By the way, does anyone know, and is willing to share, what time the coins will be released tomorrow? Is it similar to the RM’s 9am release slot?
  3. Let me revise.... Would it make for a good investment piece at £999?
  4. Does anyone know where one can purchase the 2021 Gold Alderney Three Graces when it’s eventually released? Thanks!
  5. I messaged them this morning and they did tell me to sign up for the newsletter if I wanted to be informed of new releases.
  6. Do you know which day and what time they release new coins? Do they have a similar pattern to the RM when releasing?
  7. Does the Royal Mint only release coins at 9am on a Monday morning? The Great Engravers suspense is killing me!
  8. Personally, yes. I do think that even if the silver is bought at £6000 and the gold for £60k, those prices will still climb higher. The gold is still incredibly sought after by many, especially the Japanese. It’s still very rare that it pops up on the market for sale. I do think that means it’ll hold its value and only increase another few thousand the next time it pops up for sale. HOWEVER, who actually has £60k they can actually drop on a single coin?! I know I don’t! i don’t plan on selling either my silver or gold Una for another few years to come. Maybe by then the 2oz will hit
  9. Hmm a question about the release of coins. Once an announcement is made in the Gazette, are they released in a certain order by the RM? For example, it has already been announced that there will be a 2oz Gold Bowie coin, Albert Hall commemorative coin, etc. The Three Graces announcement in the Gazette came on Dec. 18th. is it possible this coin will jump the queue and be released before the Bowie and Albert Hall coins.... or is that not how it works?
  10. Thanks mate, it was my first post on the forum 😬 I’m now all caught up on the Great Engravers gossip 😊
  11. Hmm is everyone thinking it will be the Three Graces? I’m assuming it’s an educated guess as it has yet to be confirmed by the Royal Mint... or has it?
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