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  1. There is a 5kg gold floating around somewhere if you’re interested 😉
  2. I’ll DM you 😉 Yes The 1kg Three Graces is the first denomination of this type in the series.
  3. You and me both buddy! To get that £8500 for a 10oz, I do think it now has to be graded.
  4. I think at £8500, the 10oz is overpriced. When it was first released, unbeknownst to many people, there was a lot of excitement. At that point, I do think a 10oz would have gone for £8500. However, over the last couple of weeks, the prices have softened for any raw Three Graces. The release of the 1kg silver by BCC would have also put further pressure on pricing for the 10oz. The starting price of £8500 at auction was just too high. Maybe a start point of around £7000 would have garnered more interest.
  5. I tend to have all my coins graded. I prefer the safety of the plastic coffin. Although it may take several months before a grade is returned. Like you, I may wait a bit. I submitted a few coins to NGC nearly 3 weeks ago and they have yet to be registered on their system. I called them up and they are very busy... so my coins are sitting in their safe, waiting in the queue.
  6. Happy to point you in that direction 🙂 The big question: do you plan on having it graded or leaving it raw?
  7. What I find with most auction houses is that the estimate means very little. With the bigger auction houses, I usually take the estimate, multiply it x2, and a bit more on top... and that is likely what the hammer price will be. Heritage Auction estimates on coins are usually far lower than the actual final amount once the hammer strikes down. My guesstimate for the 2oz gold Una is £95k.
  8. If this is true, will they change the name of the series to The Great Engraver? The 5oz gold is stunning. But it will be VERY difficult to complete the series in 5oz gold. Do you have the link for the auction in Japan where it sold for £80k? I can’t find it anywhere... Sovereign Rarities has a 2oz good Una PF70 coming up at auction in a couple of weeks. It’ll be VERY interesting to see what that sells at. AMAZING if it crosses the £100k mark. It is one to hold on tightly for years to come!!
  9. Hi, I am selling my 5oz gold Three Graces. The coin is in perfect condition and I'm confidant will achieve top grade with NGC. There are no scratches, dents, markings of any kind. I'm asking for £45,000 in full or part exchange. Purchased direct from Royal Mint, will include box and COA. I can have other established members in the community vouch for me. If in the UK, I'm happy to hand deliver the coin myself. I understand it is a rather valuable item and would prefer to not send through the post (if possible). Payment is to be made via bank transfer. Any questions at all,
  10. The mintage is 100. Considering a 10oz 3G is selling for roughly £10k and has a higher mintage, the 1 kilo is a bargain in comparison. LPM has exclusive rights to the 2kg and that is selling for about £28k (mintage of 50). I would have thought the start price on the 1 kilo from BCC would have been higher... I do think they are listing it at fair market value.
  11. For those interested in the 1 kilo silver Three Graces, they have just been listed on the BCC website! Who’s pulling the trigger? https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/proof-sets/the-three-graces-1kg-silver/
  12. The RM has already sold out of the 1 kilo silver. The last batch is being sold by the Britannia Coin Company. There is no news on the release date but it will be at some point this month. There will also be a premium on the kilo so you should expect to pay (much) more than the RM price tag.
  13. Hey mate, It may not be the grade you were hoping for but on the positive side, you did manage to get a silver 3G. Loads of people missed out on it. You'll still be able to make a very healthy profit out of it 👍 You can then invest that in another purchase. Silver lining 😀
  14. I thought this was a reinterpretation of the Three Graces
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