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  1. Hi, If you have a graded 1847 Gothic Crown and are looking to sell, please send me a msg. I’d prefer one that was graded 60 and above. Thanks
  2. If you have a 1937 £5 PR64 or PR65 Deep/Ultra Cameo and are looking to sell, please get in contact with me. Looking to add to my collection. Thanks!
  3. Received directly from the US Mint. 2021 American Eagle 1oz Gold Proof. £2150, includes shipping to the UK. * Any flaws are a result of the capsule or lighting, not the actual coin * I can also get vouches if required from reputable members in the community. Thanks!
  4. Is anyone still wanting the 2oz proof set? If yes, let me know and I can try getting one from my account manager. Happy to sell it at cost to you.
  5. Do you have the link for that? Can’t seem to find it 🤔
  6. With over 1000 Three Graces graded at 70, this coin still has a lot of flipping power left in it. It is only now they are coming back from grading so I suspect even more to flood the market. I noticed that on eBay this morning.
  7. Hey Chris, My account manager confirmed that there will be no 2oz gold proof sold to the general public. She tends to be bang on about stuff like this. I asked previously if she can secure one for me but confirmed they have already been sold 😞
  8. The 2oz gold is all sold out. I’m not sure if they went to trade or Mint Marque members at the Royal Mint. None have popped up on the secondary market either. It will be a sweet coin to add to any collection!
  9. The extended range is the larger gold denominations, i.e. 2oz, 5oz, 10oz, etc. That isn't available for purchase yet, coming soon!
  10. Thanks! Mintage seems a bit high on the 2oz gold in comparison to previous releases.
  11. GEORGE V 1927 MATT PROOF SHILLING PCGS PR65 The matt proof finish was used on coins from the Royal Mint for photographic purposes from the mid-1920s. As flash photography was used to illustrate promotional material, the brilliant proofs caused too much reflection in the resulting imaging at this period of time. It became much easier for the Royal Mint to strike one or two coins with a satin matt finish to not reflect the flash bulb in the days before digital imaging was possible. Previously graded by NGC, it has now been conserved and upgraded by PCGS to a resounding PR65, highest graded with PCGS. It is of the highest rarity with only one or two other examples known in private hands. (Bull 3631 R7; ESC 1440A; Davies 1831; S.4039). Spink lists the item as “Extremely Rare.” Ex-Goldbergs Pre-Long Beach sale 85 May 31-Jun 2 2015 Lot 3924 £5500 ONO
  12. It has already been sold, prior to the launch this morning. My guess is that it has gone to a private collector. It is rumoured to have sold for £700k+
  13. Is anyone else surprised that the 2oz Una sold for £62,000 (with premium + vat)? I was expecting/hoping it would hit £80k, to match the Una hammer price on that Far East auction that for the life of me I cannot find online... The Three Graces gold 5oz and 2oz are coming out of the block strong!
  14. I had originally thought the 2oz Una would crack the £100k mark (or come very close, £85+). There’s still time, but a huge gap to cover!
  15. It’s a beautiful coin but you gotta have some very deep pockets for it. After the Three Graces spending spree, all I have left in my pocket is an old Snickers wrapper and a bit of lint.
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