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  1. BBP has got loads of 2018 dog privy Brittanias in (1000+ yesterday) for £35 Inc VAT. I'm guessing the market for them being 'rare has gone as they have so many but if anybody needs one to complete a run without paying silly money for them they're available 👍
  2. True, the premium on the Geiger (etc) bars is pretty hefty but they look a lot nicer than the hand poured ones I've seen on ebay etc, I didn't buy this as an investment anyway I just wanted it 🤣
  3. They ended up sending a Geiger bar after all 🤷‍♂️ looks nice (shame it's not gold 🤣) Won't be making it a habit at those prices though.
  4. I spoke to the supplier and asked if I'd receive a Geiger bar and they said they had Leipziger bars in stock, looks like it's their sister company and they are basically the same thing just made at a different factory.
  5. They look really nice but as I've been hanging around looking to save £10 on an ordinary bullion sovereign I don't think this set is for me 🤣
  6. Robin just arrived and it's pretty nice to be fair 👍 I would add a pic but my photography skills makes everything look awful.
  7. Thanks @Stacktastic I found one for £35 so might get it. I managed to get 15 1oz copper rounds for 80p each the other day which I thought was OK, I had said before I found 100 bronze pennies but it was actually about 250 so think that will be enough if I get the 1kg bar.
  8. You'll get your money back through Ebay buyer protection. You also won't need to return it as it's counterfeit goods, they will probably ask you to destroy it (up to you what you do with it)
  9. They are sold out now, just looked and could only see the £899 bargain proof sovereigns on there 🤣
  10. Is £37 + £6p&p an OK price for a 1kg Geiger copper bar? I found about 100 old UK bronze pennies and cleaned them up to store the other day and for some reason I want more copper now 🤣
  11. I just picked one up, might be the start of a nice new series and don't want to be messing around back dating them if I like the other coins.. If I don't I've overpaid about £10 for a 1oz coin, I'll live with it.
  12. If you do keep collecting them try to get a display box from @Alun I finished the 2oz set recently and they look really good in the case 👍 PS) the only one I think has a stupid premium is the Griffin, I'd concentrate on trying to get that for the best price possible first as you don't want to have nine and then decide you're not willing to pay for the most expensive one.
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