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  1. Lucky it wasn't a gold one I suppose 🤣
  2. She knew I was raging 🤣 I'll just have to tell myself that tooth mark on the edge of it is a rim nick...
  3. Somebody decided to collect the post for me today 😬 my new arrival was laying injured on the floor when I came down from the shower! Anybody want to rehome a standard schnauzer? 🤣
  4. I've seen lots of fake coins on ebay lately.. 1oz Kangaroos 1oz Walking Liberty 1oz Funnel Web Spider 1oz Chinese Pandas A seller called pc collectables is particularly bad (hope I'm OK to put their name?) Multiple bad feedbacks stating fake coins but is still selling loads on there!
  5. KPW82

    Queens Beasts

    I've seen some shockers on there lately, really bad fake Kangaroos going for £30 🙈
  6. KPW82

    Queens Beasts

    Evening all, are there known fakes of the Queens Beasts coins going around or can I get some off fleabay without worrying (for a change)?
  7. KPW82

    925 silver

    Do you care about picking up doubles of royal crowns or would you take whatever you can get if the price is right, the same as 999 bullion?
  8. KPW82

    Opinions on price

    You would get £28+ on Ebay (in my opinion) as it doesn't seem to have any relation to the spot price, I'd imagine less if listed on here.
  9. KPW82

    Perth Mint Blanks

    You starting production at the Dicker mint? 😂
  10. KPW82

    925 silver

    I've been picking up .925 crowns when the prices are right, got four off of a well known auction site for £16 each last night. 1oz .999 bullion prices seem to have gone crazy on ebay the last few days with coins edging towards £30!
  11. I've got a weird thing about them having to fit in my storage box 🤣
  12. Making me sway towards putting it on Ebay now while the prices are good 😆
  13. Thanks for the reply. No I don't need money now so will hold onto it, just wasn't sure if a flip for £90 was worth it as I only paid £24. Hopefully the value will go up a bit more over time when they become even harder to find.
  14. Hi, any opinions on what I should do.. managed to pick a dog privy up for £24, should I just sell it now (seems to be going for £90 average on auction sites) or keep hold of it? Will it be worth more in a few years time if kept in good condition?
  15. KPW82

    Opinions on price

    Thanks for the replies boys, like I said only been collecting for a few weeks (I normally buy rare trainers/sneakers for my extra income but am enjoying turning the profit into something I can stick in the safe for the kids) Happy Christmas everyone 🌲
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