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  1. So, although buying my gold from known dealers, at the back of my mind ive always wanted to prove what im getting is the real thing. Ive seen the vinegar test ( is that a real test ) or using a magnet which i understand. what do you all do? cheers Paul
  2. RandyGold

    Queens beasts

    Thanks all , appreciate the time you took to reply. to answer my motivation for stacking its simply put i feel cash (low interest environment) and stock ( which i have many many years of experience in) have become disjointed from reality due to the money printing scandal being carried out on us all. With regard to gold it's store of wealth for me, a hedge against inflation, i hold other gold but im lacking experience with regard to collectables, thus my dip into the beasts. Im leaning towards volume of gold. P.s, so far ive only used bullionbypost, which ive been happy with but i see h
  3. RandyGold

    Queens beasts

    Hi all, im new to the forum after having it recommended by a friend. i have the 1st five queens beast in 1oz gold, but im struggling to find the cash to keep going, and feel investing in britannias more achievable in the short term. as the premium For these coins is that they are part of a set, would i lose out not completing them. from a value sense would it be better to try and realise the current premium on these and convert that into more Britannias. Cheers
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