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  1. No... Short and sweet. Plat is not a better buy then gold atm.
  2. Hello and welcome my friend! you've made a good choice!
  3. 13 states that charge tax on Silver and PM's.
  4. Hello Rob, Welcome to The Sliver Forum! Hope to see you around!
  5. Hello from Ohio! tons of useful info here have fun!
  6. Buying one, five, and ten oz silver bars. Looking for best deals, let me know if anyone is interested. Pre warning I am in one of the "Evil-13", so if no offers no hard feelings.
  7. Nice work! I plan on getting into refining and pouring my own metals in the near future! this adds to my motivation.
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm glad to be here and be able to chat freely about my PM obsession!
  9. First and foremost welcome to the forum. In my opinion you would be stacking for the wrong reason at this time in your life. Do not take that the wrong way I do belive you should consider investing in PM at your leisure. But it sounds to me, and this is just from your post I would consider some sort of passive income for example write an e-book, or self-help book. Take some of the income and then invest in PM. Again my opinion, and hopefully I didn't misunderstand your post.
  10. Personally I get mine from the LCS, they seem to be the cheapest if its the price the concerns you I would start there if that's an option. My local coin shop has a verity of new and used, I personally do not showcase my stack for security reasons so the cheap used ones work for me. If the LCS are not an option I've also found some at Estate sales and garage sales, if all else fails google is your friend!
  11. Hello and welcome! I'm new myself! personal I prefer stacking Silver Eagles as an investment, I also collect them... When stacking as an investment dates don't matter, don't bother paying high premiums for proofs and other items. Instead worry about how easy it will be to liquidate, call around to your LCS and get a feel for their prices and what they are buying. I'm my experciece which is not alot, but Eagles sell easy and for a good premium. Really though It's up to you in the end, just research and find something to stack, and something to collect... But remember, collecting and stacking ar
  12. Hello all, As the name says I'm an Eagle stacker and collector. I come from a generation of stackers! I've just really never got into PM's until 2016 when I started stacking myself. Never got into the forums until now, my wife is now tired of hearing about gold and silver. So here I am to chat with like minded investors!
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