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  1. Anyone want to swap a QB Yale 1oz for a QB Griffin 1oz Silver Proof Coin? Ta
  2. Yes i agree with you. I think selling privately for cash would be around 9 to 9.5k (had offer of 8k 2 years ago).
  3. Hi, i've got a cash offer of 7k from a reg company if that helps gauge amount of gold 😀Ta Rich
  4. Anyone interested in a Private plate for exchange for gold? Plate is 95 RJ Ta
  5. Kookaburra 2oz silver 2000 Ancient Coins Privy series set with Silver English Penny Privy. BU Australia. 2000 2oz - Silver Kookaburra.. Silver English Penny Privy. BU With Original Edward 1st - Silver Penny. (VF - London Mint) In Original Perth Mint Case (minor outer damage), with COA £195 inc. UK SD post
  6. deja vu... any advice where I can sell the two rings she returned to me without getting ripped off?
  7. Hi, Anyone got a spare 1oz Silver Proof Dragon - Queen’s Beasts they may want to part with? Ta Rich
  8. Thx, yes I am very impressed with these sovereign's
  9. Do you just leave it in brush cleaner with no agitation? Acetone removed 90% after 36 hours but seems less affective now.
  10. 5 x 1oz Silver from the Cryptozoology Series from the Intaglio Mint. £33 each plus post of your choice Werewolf Pukwudgie Loch Ness - Pending Mermaid - Sold Bigfoot - Sold Sorry my photo's aren't the best Any questions please contact me. Supplied in flips Ta
  11. I will take the last one if still available. Ta
  12. Can i have a fractional set if any available? Ta
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