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  1. *SOLD PENDING PAYMENT* 1 x 2000 Carded British Sovereign (Postage included) Payment through BT ideally. As Pictured. Will be posted next working day. (Also found on Atkinsons for £345 but out of stock) Selling as bullion, received the coin originally in good condition and has been put away immediately. Coin is in good condition with no visible marks, a couple of small scratches on the card itself but coin is good. Any Questions, get in touch.
  2. Yes please!! Had my eye on this for a while…
  3. Whoever gets put up for these things is a puppet anyway so it makes no difference. The masses see the news flash of jail and are satisfied, until the next sacrifice is required…
  4. I see this as a direct correlation to the real world antics of those trading vast amounts of paper. Getting on it at the weekend and recovering the rest of the week! @HerefordBullyun I think it’s all a pysop mate, and I’d imagine a large amount of the markets are rigged in some way, but I am just a small time collector of shiny things. love the picture by the way, A+ for effort!! Back on topic… Its been fluctuating all week in what I think is a small margin and dipped to a longterm low today which isn’t good. Either a steady but slow increase of a continued flip flopping on the downward track. The later being my guess, backed by level 0 knowledge.
  5. Long story short I admire the vast majority of the above members. @HerefordBullyun & @Minimalistin particular. You boys are class. I don’t have a lot of silver and no gold (next purchase for sure, very annoyed I missed the gap where Sovereigns were available for 300~) Back on topic… What does everyone think silver will do this week? I am interested to hear views and reasoning. I don’t know enough about what impacts prices and I don’t really care, I try to buy low. Physical only. Anything else is addition to an already overfed beast in my opinion an overly ignorant view, maybe but I don’t have the funds to spray about (as per the above Twitter video which is bang on!) Cheers!!
  6. Gutted I missed this bargain!! I can say that SellerStacker is a sound bloke. I have bought from him in person, great prices on all bits and a pleasure to deal with.
  7. 60% I have an 18 Month old little boy and his mum thinks money is the way to go and I don’t so Gold and Silver it is. 20% I have been poor with my finances in the past, and find investing a better way of saving due to today’s ease of spending. After looking into things and knowing how the big wide world sort of works I believe that this is the way forward. 20% It’s just cool. (This grew from 0 in about 6 months.) Only 27 so have a way to go but really inspired by some of you on here and some of the replies on this thread are brilliant!!
  8. I’m interested if you have any left. I’ve PM’d you! 👍🏻
  9. If you can save the 2019 one until Friday, it shall be mine!!!
  10. Thank you everyone! My first silver arrived today, and I’ve got a good bit of Overtime coming in next month so once the Christmas shoppings done then more shiny things shall be on the way!
  11. Morning All! I’ve just found this forum and thought I’d introduce myself. (I’ve been lurking in the shadows admiring all this shiny metal for a few days) AND Today I’ll purchase my first Silver (Gold eventually) Hoping to build up a little nest egg for my littlen. Happy Hunting Kyle
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