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  1. 60% I have an 18 Month old little boy and his mum thinks money is the way to go and I don’t so Gold and Silver it is. 20% I have been poor with my finances in the past, and find investing a better way of saving due to today’s ease of spending. After looking into things and knowing how the big wide world sort of works I believe that this is the way forward. 20% It’s just cool. (This grew from 0 in about 6 months.) Only 27 so have a way to go but really inspired by some of you on here and some of the replies on this thread are brilliant!!
  2. I’m interested if you have any left. I’ve PM’d you! 👍🏻
  3. If you can save the 2019 one until Friday, it shall be mine!!!
  4. Bad influence!! 1 please, for now…😂
  5. What a proper quirky sale, right bit of history aswell!
  6. This looks incredible. If it is still going next payday I'll take it!!
  7. Love these bits. I dont understand why nobody has taken some off of you. I've PM'd you about the dragon bars.
  8. Tube has been sold. Rest of the items now reduced!
  9. Evening all, Been a member for a few months and love what some of you guys do in terms of stacking and forging your own stuff. ANYWAY!! Willing to sell as a job lot or separately. 2 x 1oz 2020 Canadian Maples - £27 Each 1 Tube of 2020 1/10oz Brits - Sold. 2 x 100gr Betts Bars - £82 and £80 for one with slight staining on corner. 1 x 3.2oz Hand poured bar (Assayed) - £65 All items minus the Assayed 3.2oz bar (ebay) was bought from here from reputable and experienced forum members. I have followed BYBs video on how to do the specific gravity test aswell and all items are good. I have only handled these ones with gloves on minus picture purposes. Betts Bars are in good condition with one having some staining/tarnishing (i dont really know) On the reverse. 3.2oz bar is good. Nice weighty little lump. Maples have a few small dinks on the edgthe partially visible in photos but in good general condition. 1/10oz Brits seem mostly fineI'm just a small dink one one of them (I have only taken the top few out) Postage at your peril via Royal Mail. Payment ideally via BT. Will be getting posted tomorrow if bought tonight. If not Monday. I have more pictures if required.
  10. Thank you everyone! My first silver arrived today, and I’ve got a good bit of Overtime coming in next month so once the Christmas shoppings done then more shiny things shall be on the way!
  11. Morning All! I’ve just found this forum and thought I’d introduce myself. (I’ve been lurking in the shadows admiring all this shiny metal for a few days) AND Today I’ll purchase my first Silver (Gold eventually) Hoping to build up a little nest egg for my littlen. Happy Hunting Kyle
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