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  1. I feel the same. The important side is fantastic but the chin is so egregious. When the flaw is more obscured I can accept it. I’m leaning towards a return right now. I’ll email customer services and see what they say.
  2. Ahhh, frustrating. The gothic portrait reverse is beautiful and virtually flawless (missing bit of frosting on the D of F:D). But the Queen’s chin! How could any QC person not see that flaw?
  3. For me, I think the design might have worked if they used a thinner planchet more like the original. The thick ounce+ coins and perfect circle don’t look right on this one. Thin and wonky could of been the way to go. Make it an antiqued finish so you don’t mind handling it as well.
  4. Almost definitely coin 1, unsure about coin 2. Tbh I don’t really want to play return roulette but it depends if it bugs me anymore.
  5. On release day I wasn’t sure about the design, but having them in hand is another matter, absolutely terrific. I enjoyed taking the photos of them, but the trouble is that now I can see the imperfections more easily. Just with your eye it’s hard to spot, even with a loupe and knowing where to look. Although light conditions matter, sunlight is the least forgiving. Coin 1 has a bit of frosting missing in a couple of the teeth(?) below the date. Coin 2 had more missing frosting, main points being the unicorn elbow/mane/horn, lion atop the crown and parts of the date.
  6. I had one removed from my basket at about 9.20am, so a little before that.
  7. I think I managed to get the silver 2oz. Had two computers on the go, refreshed the main one and got the pre-queue screen about 8.35am and was 3825. Secondary one refreshed at 8.45am and got 85 in the queue. Checked out with no trouble at 9.03am, apart from scrambling to put in address/card details. When the main one was allowed in about 9.10am, all had sold apart from the silver 2oz, which I think sold out at about 9.20am
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