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  1. eBay and Paypal protect the buyer. They talk about seller protection but it's pretty much non-existent. As Greendragon said, buyer just needs to return a box with a brick in it and he's off the hook. If in doubt ebay and paypal (and credit card companies, chargebacks etc) always side with the buyer.
  2. Typical MP's annual salary is just under £82,000 before tax. That would mean they pay £20,200 in income tax and £5,500 in National Insurance. So, Take home is around £56,000 So, MPs do actually pay quite a bit of tax. Richard Branson's income is £5,000,000 (5 million quid) a year. He lives on the virgin islands. Doesn't pay UK tax at all. But still want's government bail-outs to get him through covid.
  3. How about LOWERING taxes such as the higher rates of income tax and corporation tax. Of course any mention of lowering taxes on businesses and the wealthy has voters spitting feathers. Saying they'll RAISE taxes on businesses etc. gets votes - But it doesn't actually get more revenue. You don't think all them rich people actually pay taxes in the UK do you? Those higher rates are completely pointless. Just there to get votes. So lowering taxes is more likely to get those big earners to actually pay their taxes in the UK.
  4. That link took me to a login page so I couldn't see anything. But looking elsewhere on that site it does look as though they can sell coins for delivery to the buyer - not vaulted. Vaulted coins may be on some other page that I couldn't see. But the page that does show coins is mainly talking about the 'disadvantages' (ie higher expense) of buying coins and generally doing what it can to persuade you not to buy coins. I may be wrong but I get the impression that bullionvault have some BIG bars in their vault and they're selling a share of that gold where you don't actually own individual
  5. Gold Coins. No VAT on gold when you buy in the UK and no Capital Gains Tax on legal tender coins when you sell. Anything other than legal tender coins and you'll have to pay capital gains tax on any profits you make when you sell. Royal Mint charge 1% per annum to store tubes of coins in their vault. If you store loose coins it's 2%
  6. 45 years. In that case you'll know this stamp - Picture of a cricketer, batsman, holding the bat at the crease. Well. One of my Dad's favourite flaws was on that stamp. Tiny ball sized white dot right by the bat. Really did look like a cricket ball about to hit the ground beside the the tip of bat. I remember him sending me off back to the post office to buy another strip. But that was the only one. A few years ago he sent it to Stanley Gibbons. I think he'd spoken to somebody there and they were keen to see it. But they replied returning his stamp. It's nothing they said. Looks
  7. I think you're right. Techs such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon are doing really well at the moment in spite of Covid. You're also right about tax. None of those big companies pays much tax. It's just too easy to run a small subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland where business taxes are low. But this Covid m'larky is costing the government a LOT of money. I just can't comprehend the amounts of zeros on the big numbers £'s (and $'s) that governments are splashing out in grants to keep companies afloat and people furloughed. Stands to reason that somebody will eventually have to pay
  8. @SilverSlanger. Please, please do come back and tell us what you discover.
  9. Sorry. I didnt mean to say that trump keeps control of the senate. I meant to say 'if trump losses the presidency while republicans have the senate" Or something like that.. er.. I think.
  10. If society as we know it collapses then PMs will just be paper weights. I wouldn't swap a loaf of bread for a shiny paperweight. So we should all invest in chickens... and turnips. at least we'll be able to barter. I've got lots of turnips this year. Bumper crop - I implore you all. Think of your families. Send me your gold and I'll send you a turnip.
  11. On an entirely different topic my Dad used to collect stamps. If he saw a small flaw, such as a smudge or colour run, on a normal postage stamp he'd be back down to the post office to buy as much of the sheet as he could get. All of that was a waste of his time because, just like green dragon said, it's just quality control and those little flaws are just run-of-the-mill so to speak. Having said that. My Dad enjoyed himself so who's to say he was doing anything wrong. If you enjoy collecting that kind of thing then go for it. Now In the stamp world, things that are valuable are thing
  12. Trump wins outright then stocks go up and gold goes down? Trump losses but keeps control of the senate and stocks might suffer and gold goes up? Other guy wins outright and Trump throws his toys out of his pram and refuses to give us the ball back and it ends up in the high courts. Will that cause stocks to drop and gold to go up? Or will all investors dump everything, including gold, and take the cash to stuff under their matresses. Does anyone know what'll happen? Should I buy more before they kick off?
  13. 1566. Did anything significant happen in that year? Well, now that you ask - are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Everyone learns in school about Henry 8th and his many wives. But how many of us ever learn about his sister, Margaret. Henry manages to have a son who becomes king after Henry's death but he dies young without heirs so Henry's daughter becomes queen. She also dies without heirs so the next daughter, Elizabeth, becomes Elizabeth 1st. While all that's going on Henry the 8th's sister, Margaret, has married the king of Scotland. Generation or so later an
  14. Open the packaging? Yesterday I ordered my first gold coin. From Royal mint. 1 oz 2020 year of the rat. When that arrives I'm going to open it, touch it, maybe even lick it and generally fondle the hell out of it. Next month I'll order another - just finished paying off the mortgage a few months ago and can't spend it during LockDown so the spare cash will go into gold coins now. That first 'Rat' is to be kept and fondled - I hear that a 999.9 gold coin has a weight and feel that just can't be experienced through packaging or gloves. Any more I get will stay in original pa
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