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  1. I’ll take 5 please when you get them back in stock
  2. Gutted I’m too late to the party 😞 I think BYBs silver is amazing and hand poured bars off all types for that matter I would have snapped this lot up if I seen it sooner
  3. I’ve recently bought the new 2022 tiger 1/2 oz 1 oz and 2 oz and also have the mouse ox and tiger in 1/2 oz and 1 oz just need the 2 oz Mouse to get me up to date if anyone knows any website that’s selling that I have missed or if anyone has one for sale and is willing to part ways with it please give me a dm or message on here Thanks in advance P.S there are a few on eBay but from America or Far East/Asia and gold silver.be have it but want crazy money for delivery almost the same price as the coin 😂
  4. I seem to have a similar problem but I can get into the ungraded forum but I can’t post as of yet I read on one of the drop downs that you need to have a minimum number of posts to be able to access it or be a premium member to get full access also as a new member to reduce spam we can only post 1 time per 30 days the number of posts is said to be very small
  5. picked mine up from the post office after work and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. brilliant piece of art work once again BYB it’s just getting better and better. I look forward to the 3 and 5 oz rounds next
  6. Missed out on the number I was after but can’t complain it’s been a cracking day spent on the beach I’m happy to take any number when the bars are divvied out and sent, if I need to pick a number before sending out I’ll take 29 but happy to take whichever’s left thanks again BYB and The silver forum for setting this up I’m happy to help out Thanks again JerseySilver
  7. Stick me on the waiting list please I have the 1 oz silver forum bar (2021) it would be great to have the 100g silver forum bar (2021) to match
  8. Been watching BYB on YouTube for sometime now and been a silent member of the silver forum since the end of October last year I’d love to get my hands on one of these bars if any are still available or put on a waiting list if possible thanks
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