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  1. Is there any benefit/negative to buying brand new Gold Sovereigns from a dealer as opposed to older ones second hand (for not much less money) as a longer term investment and not being a collector? For example, would a 100 year old Gold Sovereign with a few marks etc still give the same return as say a 2020 Gold Sovereign if I cashed in today? I am best just buying brand new ones (and knowing its 100% legit) as and when funds allow, or should I just save a few quid and buy used - and possibly have no official record of a gold purchase in case the govt want to take our gold away if the worl
  2. I have a fully working EVGA Geforce 1080TI card going spare now I have a 3090 card. Before I put it on ebay, would anyone be interested in it with a gold or silver trade?
  3. Ok, if buying bullion Sovereigns, would you buy new or used (sold as good to fair condition) for longer term investment? Like I say, there is no 'collectable' value for me in gold.
  4. Newbie here whos looking to invest in some gold for (hopefully) longer term purposes. I think I'm going to go down the gold bar route rather than coins as not a collector as such but want value in the long run and maybe pass them onto my kids. I'm looking at smaller bars 1g/2.5g as they will be easier share around and cash-in if needed in lesser amounts but I'm seeing different makers such as Heraeus, PAMP, Umicore etc which can vary by as much as £10 per gram bar for the same weight/quality. Should I just go for the cheapest maker or is it worth buying the more expensive ones?
  5. And now signed up as a Silver member
  6. Hi all, newbie here whos looking to invest longer term in Silver and a little gold. Not sure on coins or smaller bars so I'm here to learn things.
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