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  1. I’m sure you’ll come out top on this one. Pretty much everything is stacked up against him. It’s a drag for sure. eBay was fun many moons ago but sadly not too much now. Good fortune to you.
  2. It seems to me this should be pretty straightforward to resolve if indeed you say that you have photos of the original eBay listing and the subsequent photos upon receiving and examining the coin. Is it possible that the seller is just upset and he simply didn’t pay attention to the condition of the coin before he sent it out? If so the photos should really close the matter. So in this instance if he has genuinely compared the photos and is still pursuing a small claim then I can only conclude he is hedging his bets assuming he now has the coin back in in his possession. He’s a chancer and
  3. An unpleasant experience for you but I suspect the court case is merely a smoke screen and it will Peter out soon enough once he fully comprehends that his dishonesty has backfired on him.
  4. www.coinheritage.co.uk A lovely shop. 2 mins from Leicester Sq Tube.
  5. はじめまして! はじめまして!
  6. New member here, Just saying hello. A stacker/collector nothing too serious mainly a hobby interest but I do like a well thought out artistic design on coins/bars. Best,
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