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  1. Just received mine. Simply stunning! Thank you
  2. Ah thank you! Good to know.
  3. Goldbuyer

    Coin condition

    Hi all, Noob question incoming. I’ve just bought my first coin from Atkinson’s (2021 1/4 Brit). On the Britannia side it is in perfect condition, on the queens face it has an obvious but slight scratch on her cheek. 1) Does this often happen and should I not worry about it? Or is this something I should contact them about. 2) As a result if I ever list this, can this still be considered BU or should it be called Bullion grade? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I’m new to stacking and starting to build a plan on preferred coins to have in a collection and the capsules and tubes I’d like to store them in. A part i’m struggling with is Gold Maple Leaves, they’re only 30mm vs Eagles/Buffalos/Britannia’s that are 32.7mm. The air tite direct fit capsules are straight forward for 32.7mm however what size would I need for the maple with a black ring in order for it to have the same size capsule so the maple doesn’t rattle in the tube? Hoping that’s not a stupid question, but I imagine the maple size might bother a few people
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