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  1. Love this. Reminds me of a somewhat similar remark on a gun forum that I have been known to frequent: 'if I die, I've instructed a friend not to allow my wife to sell all my shotguns for the prices that I told her I paid for them.'
  2. Did anyone try to make out the words, as I did? I was baffled since they weren't Latin (or Welsh - anther inaccurate guess of mine) and the Gothic script is difficult. With a little bit of research, I discovered that they are German: 'Treu und Fest', meaning 'True (or Loyal) and Steadfast'. A motto mostly associated with the kings of Bavaria, but here used or appropriated by or on behalf of Prince Albert, who was a Saxe-Coburg of course.
  3. Very interesting piece from Adamantio - thank you. (As many here will know, 'solidus' provides the 's' in the old, pre-decimal British £sd currency. £ comes from the 'l' in libra, and the 'd' from 'denarius'.)
  4. Could it be something to do with having Paul Kruger's face and beard on them? I prefer Britannia in all her manifestations, esp. her last, which I have to confess to finding rather attractive, the willowy robes especially (read into that what you like!).
  5. Right, I see: it's the price being artificially low that you meant. Sorry, I thought you meant the way round.
  6. Thank you. I'm not entirely averse to a soundly based conspiracy theory or two, though I am inclined to be sceptical of them, and certainly nothing plain crazy such as: '9/11 was the work of the American government'. But how would the Fed gain from a sustained rise in the price of gold unless it plans to sell off its reserves in Fort Knox - and then do what with the proceeds? Unless it is run by the US equivalent of the idiotic Gordon Brown.
  7. Thank you all. You seem to be in agreement and what you say makes good sense. I'm a bit surprised that Brexit could have such a wide effect outside the UK or Europe but I suppose it is all about psychology. Trump's arrival I can understand. Pity that no one has taken up my the second part of my question. Perhaps I need to start a different topic on it. Thanks again. Roger
  8. I ask the question because I have forgotten the economic situation at that time. I know why it happened after the 2008 crash but 2016 has me scratching my head. The rise in 2016 wasn't so dramatic as in the years after 2008, but it still stands out on the charts. Also, any would any wise person(s) care to say that there has been a permanent sea-change in the value of gold since 2008, ignoring the many bumpy ups and downs on the road of course? And if there has been, why? Perhaps a permanent better understanding of the fragility of the capitalist economies (and their currencies), despite their apparent success? Or is this a stupid question to pose at all? Perhaps I should be looking even further back than 2008 to get a true perspective.
  9. Thank you for that long, interesting, and helpful reply. If I understand you correctly, you think that the beasts series might be a good investment in the long run, not that you can be expected to have a crystal ball and we must all make up our own minds in buying these expensive coins. From my own, vastly less experienced stand point, I think that they have a good chance of that. They strike me as by far the best of all the special issues from the Mint, except for Una and the Lion, which I know little about. That is because I think the designs by Jody Clark are so impressive and apt. I also like his royal head best of all the Elizabeth II series and reckon it stands comparison with Wyon's famous young Victoria head. Just my humble opinions. I wonder what others think?
  10. Good point. Thank you. I have managed to buy the 1oz completer, which is beautiful and striking, and so I will probably stick with the 1oz ones, and just be content with fewer of them.
  11. That sounds like good advice. Thank you.
  12. It would take years for me and my limited purse to buy the whole series, so I think I would be looking for the Lion and the Griffin principally, followed by the Dragon, and maybe the Yale - such a curious creature even by mythological standards, and rather delightful in its own ugly way, at least to my eyes. Or perhaps I should go for the gold 1/4 oz beasts, despite their even higher premiums? What would members advise?
  13. Thank you all. Very helpful. Trouble is, as I said, I don't have the funds at present, so I was just doing some scouting, but I will now look out as you suggest. Roger
  14. Thank you. That's encouraging. Which part of the forum, please? I'm not over-familiar with the lay-out.
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