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  1. DavidE

    Any new series??

    ah fair enough, they're not everyone cup of tea. Have you taken a look at the Molon Labe 2oz series?
  2. I believe these are due out near / in December, not 100% sure on the price but around £60 give it take mintage of 30,000 I don’t know if they’re part of a set but other music related coins like Elton and Queen have done really well, albeit lower mintage and RM.
  3. These have gone bananas now, bids of over £1,200 for the 2oz on Fleabay!
  4. I hope not, I really like the above design, hopefully it’s what they use for the bullion version!
  5. I was just thinking that earlier today, perhaps a broader site that covers a few different sets. Personally I collect QBs, Zi-Sin, Chiwoo Cheonwang, Aus Lunars S1-3, Marvels, Molon Labe 2oz, British Lunar, Germania Beasts and looking at the Maple 1oz, Kooks and Aus Kangaroos! I’d love to get a site together that collates all of the info with pictures and figures etc.
  6. Thanks for these comments! 1. With regards to the weight, yes I think you're correct that they contain 1Toz of SIlver, with the older 958 weighing 32.45 grams. Added to the site - thanks! 2. well spotted, have now fixed 3. Good idea, I'll add an extra section to explain. Although spotting the difference by eye is likely not always possible. 4. Thats interesting, prior to the last 2 sales, the previous 8 sales seemed to go for between £60 to £100. I've been keeping a close eye on both eBay and Facebook sales and I think that it's rare that they'll sell for as low as £45 aga
  7. Thanks, they’re out of stock but I’ll put £2400-£2600 as a guide as I think that’s about right
  8. Thanks, now added! I was a little unsure of the market value as I can't find any for sale.
  9. Thanks, it's something that I've been meaning to do for a while now. I'll look at adding the gold I've just added some fractional and the 5oz and 10oz so I'll keep going until they're all there! that's great, thanks!
  10. Thats interesting, is this the proof version as JM Bullion show a different picture? https://www.jmbullion.com/2021-1-oz-british-silver-britannia-coin/
  11. Thanks! I added the proof versions today but adding the gold and fractional is a great idea! That’s awesome, hope that it’s useful. It’s not easy to find everything on one place so hopefully it makes dates runs etc easier
  12. DavidE

    Any new series??

    The Korean Zi-Sin series are very nice, 4 coins into the set so far so not much to catch up on
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