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  1. Virus do happen in waves this is exactly what is happening now we are in the second wave and the third wave is expected this time next year
  2. some think things could turn around and businesses open back up, people all go back to their old jobs. I personally can’t see it. We are at the start of the second wave, next spring summer there will be a light reprieve then the third wave will hit next autumn/winter. Spanish flu the third wave was the worst. In reality if the economy carries on in this direction at this speed with this many businesses going under and this many become unemployed every month, then there will be the greatest depression ever in less than 4 years. The question is will the economy keep crashing at this
  3. I knew of someone volunteering for the Samaritans but everyone he spoke to committed suicide the real shocking thing was one of them was a wrong number he only phoned up to find out the cricket scores
  4. Yes government has a big problem all these people losing jobs and needing somewhere to live, less funds available in government kitty its an almighty problem and not looking good at all London has fallen
  5. If the global financial collapse continues then BTL will be a terrible investment Before the last Great Depression there are four identifiable stages first there is a recession Which are common and happen every decade or so then a Great Recession which are less common the last one was 2008 then a depression which is even more rare, then if unemployment keeps rising another Great Depression which there has only been one in the last few hundred years. i guess the question is, will unemployment keep rising as it is doing over the next few years, if
  6. Just over a fifth of landlords predict their tenants will escape to the country in search of more space because they are able to work from home, almost anywhere.
  7. Yes there could be a melt up as all the currency in supply gets soaked up but the question is will property keep up with everything else in real terms
  8. That’s overly optimistic isn’t it? I hope you could be right but the facts don’t show it london alone has another 200k losing their jobs this week alone we are in a depression already and will be Great Depression soon
  9. Government urged to suspend rents during the Covid-19 pandemic https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2020/4/renters-unions-call-on-government-to-suspend-rents-during-the-covid-19-pandemic?source=related_articles Renters’ unions are calling on the government to suspend rents for the duration of the coronavirus crisis after new research found that many people are having to choose between paying landlords and putting food on the table. - : “All rent payments need to be suspended and rent arrears need to be waived urgently to keep renters safe fro
  10. Yes BTL is over, it’s clear to see which way the tide is flowing and everything is going against LLs 6 in 10 renters have lost income as a result of coronavirus. Right now, 1 in 8 renters are in debt to their landlords, and millions more are worried about losing their income and jobs. Renters were struggling at the outset of the pandemic, and more than half have lost income. They are being forced to borrow, cut down on essentials, or get into arrears.
  11. It works until it doesn’t, exactly it’s big risk as we head into a new Great Depression we could be looking at a huge correction in property and mass defaults in rents
  12. A lettings chief says London may never regain its appeal to the typical renter, as new data shows the capital still struggling to recover. https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2020/10/london-may-never-regain-pre-covid-appeal-to-renters--rental-chief
  13. Agreed they now say it’s going to be min two years to evict a non paying tenant
  14. You talk as if it’s guaranteed income the risks of tenants not being able to pay their rent are greater nowadays and it could take years to get them out
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