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  1. 1986 silver eagle proof from the San Francisco mint 2020 silver eagle proof from the San Francisco mint 1st and last coins minted in that design from the San Francisco mint. 1986 coin looks like it has milk spotted which is a shame
  2. Got the 2020 silver eagle proof coin from San Francisco. Last one they will ever produce from that mint in that design
  3. Well cricket was invented in England. And eventually when England won the cricket world cup they needed an Irish born captain, a new Zealand born player, Barbados born player, couple African born players too and Pakistani lads.
  4. Poor girl sounds scared that the "settlers" are claiming a piece of this land A land built on looting other richer foreign lands
  5. I received my 3rd bond silver coin today. Real good condition. Anyone received theirs yet?
  6. These look so nice. I heard theyre doing a wolverine coin next
  7. The bike scene is shown in all the trailers for the new Bond movie. The bike scene looks amazing. Coin not so much
  8. I got myself the silver proof coin. The design aint all that, like @Clockpuncher said in another thread it looks like the crystal maze 😂, but I am showing support to the message behind it. I heard it's part of a series. If so I'll purchase the others too once they're released.
  9. I saw the title and thought i would see or read about a Steph Curry coin 🤣🤣🏀
  10. I'm not a fan either of stabbings
  11. Gold Standard 2020. Absolutely beautiful
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