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  1. hey, people started messaging again so i got emails and logged back on. don’t be so pessimistic 😂
  2. apologies there, just remembered to get back onto this account, lost my password in october haha
  3. no idea honestly, not in the best position here i guess..
  4. hi, i was uneducated on the whole vat issue when i brought these and wasn’t planning on selling so soon lol. big mistake i know but i’ve brought from the european mint since.
  5. haha 😂 i never realised how many i had until i looked back at my receipts lmao
  6. no it’s not a mistype haha, i put my inheritance into silver back in 2017 and they didn’t have enough britannia’s for my order so bullion by post sent these as part of it instead.
  7. this listing is to see if there is any interest in these coins, i am happy to sell in smaller quantities and i’m happy to use the @BackyardBullion Intermediary service as i am new to this site. i am hoping to get around the price of each coin minus vat, which i believe is £65 but these are out of stock on the bullion dealers i have checked. if you wanted a whole box (200) or my collection of these coins (1620) that price would be reduced. thanks!
  8. not currently though i can get some pictures if you need. they’re currently in private vault storage so i would have to go get them haha
  9. i have 1620 of these coins to sell and i was just posting as an interest check to see what price i should list them at and to see if anyone is interested:)
  10. hi everyone, so cool seeing a forum for precious metals. i’m currently loosing all of my stack due to my divorce it has to be liquidated hence i’m here haha
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