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  1. Fifer

    Information needed

    I did have a look at their website I quite like their quirky style! But the mark up was mental by the time you took shipping and tax into account I might have a look on ebay again once I hit 50 ozs of rounds and bullion I'm at 27 just, now just, started stacking but find myself wanting pretty much every second coin I see on their Web page 🤣 but I realise this, isn't a good model for building wealth, so I'll continue with the bullion for now but I will be making a, purchase or two in the not too distant future! Thanks for the advice Kind regards Fifer
  2. Fifer

    Information needed

    They are nice coins hope to aquire more as my stack grows I like coins with a lot of detail, shows the mint takes a pride in their work!
  3. Fifer

    Information needed

    This was my very first coin I bought mate the one that, "gave me the bug" lol to be honest it could be a fake for all I know I bought it from e Bay, before I discovered this, wonderful place! Wouldn't buy from anywhere else now tbh! The prices, on here are unbeatable
  4. Fifer

    Information needed

    Thanks, for the info mate new to silver so didn't know just thought they were nice coins defo don't want fakes esp with the price they're asking
  5. Hello and welcome if you scroll right to the bottom on the forum home page you will se this section
  6. My little stack is growing week on week 😁
  7. Hi I'm looking to purchase these two coins I can't find them on the silver gold bull website does, anyone have them and be willing to sell?
  8. Fifer

    Gold ring

    Thanks, for the suggestion but I don't think shed wear that she's 15 and very "image concious" lol
  9. Fifer

    Gold ring

    Cheers fella if was just a, thought the website she picked a, ring for was coming in at £189 for sterling silver and £500 for 9ct gold! Thought I could do better with the gold I have at home but hey ho back to the drawing board
  10. Fifer

    Gold ring

    Lovely idea! My enquiry is regarding a family pet that has just died.. I know lol 🤦‍♂️ but my daughters devastated and the prices I'm seeing online for 925 silver rhodium plated is scandalous I'm thinking I can do better with, some of the silver I hold just, need someone to make it for me
  11. Fifer

    Gold ring

  12. Fifer

    Gold ring

    Bit of a, grim one troops but genuine reason for asking how much gold would I have to melt to make a, ring with a small compartment to hold some ashes not me doing the melting obviously lol. But I notice some members here melt silver and I wonder can it be done with gold and what would be the cost involved in this? Many thanks Fifer
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