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  1. For sale X2 brittanias 2014 + 2021 2014 coin no case minor scratches 2021 in case sold as bullion 2 for £60 posted
  2. I think you should have been banned mate makes a mockery of the forum rules if you aren't to be fair! Just opens the flood gates for more people to do the same. This is, supposed to be a safe place to trade precious metal and pick the brains of the learned ones I feel very comfortable here transferring hundreds of pounds at a time to strangers on the Internet..... You make me nervous.... I'll say it! dodgy characters will not be tolerated here! they.... shouldn't be anyway....
  3. Fifer

    for sale Mixed lot

    Only gold coin left £320 posted
  4. Fifer

    for sale Mixed lot

    Eagles and Libertad sold pending payment
  5. Fifer

    for sale Mixed lot

    I have for sale: X2 Walking liberty 2020 1 oz coins (handled) £28 X1 Mexican Libertad 2013 (handled) £30 X1 6.22 g gold coin "225th anniversary of possession by captain Cook" 2000 mintage (pubjoy mint). £320 I contacted the mint for a bit of background in this coin and I gave enclosed the information they gave me within this sale post beautiful coin I haven't came across one before recieved in a, flip and transferred to case since ownership no scratches or blemishes anywhere on this, coin 9.999 fine gold
  6. Pmd you (and one other interested party for sake of clarity) kind regards fifer
  7. I had considered it look OK to the naked eye not so good when you take a picture 😂 shame one of the eagles has, started to tone lovely colours coming through quite a few fingerprints as well though 🤦‍♂️
  8. Sure no probs comes with the tube pm
  9. Those ones have been handled bud I use those ones to get the kids interested but the only one that's shown any real interest is, my three year old 😂🤦‍♂️
  10. Lion of england 2 oz bullion X4 £70 ea. *SOLD* White greyhound 2 oz billion X2 £55ea. (marks on the greyhounds) *SOLD* 1 oz brits 2011, 13,14,16,17 and 21 X6 total £30 ea. *SOLD* Pamp 5g bar silver X23 £14 ea. QB'S ALL SOLD BRITS X4 SOLD. 2 LEFT 2014,2021 All coins in caps. Pamps in assay card. Greyhounds in tube. If you would like a closer look at any of the items for sale happy to take more on request Kind regards Fifer
  11. Who else keeps their "strange change" kinda cool these ones never seen them before. Both in the one hit 😂 was gonna go back to the shop but I like em 🤣🤦‍♂️
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