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  1. Lion of england 2 oz bullion X4 £70 ea. *SOLD* White greyhound 2 oz billion X2 £55ea. (marks on the greyhounds) *SOLD* 1 oz brits 2011, 13,14,16,17 and 21 X6 total £30 ea. *SOLD* Pamp 5g bar silver X23 £14 ea. QB'S ALL SOLD BRITS X4 SOLD. 2 LEFT 2014,2021 All coins in caps. Pamps in assay card. Greyhounds in tube. If you would like a closer look at any of the items for sale happy to take more on request Kind regards Fifer
  2. Who else keeps their "strange change" kinda cool these ones never seen them before. Both in the one hit 😂 was gonna go back to the shop but I like em 🤣🤦‍♂️
  3. Here's a screen grab of one I did not too long ago format should be pretty much the same for yourself save a couple of tweaks. All the best mate 👍 Fifer
  4. Just a suggestion, but maybe an auction on here would bring the funds you need. Rather than looking for a lump sum from a sale on all three? I wish you all the best mate hope you get the treatment you need Kind regards Fifer
  5. Agreed! Well informed and friendly community as well! Every days a school day here! Love it
  6. @BullionMan89 thanks mate arrived this morning can't stop playing with them 😆 need to be a safe cracker to get into the box though 😆
  7. For sale X4 2020 American eagles in tube from mint X1 2021 Australian kangaroo X2 Canadian Maples X1 2019 Australian dragon bar (1oz) X1 1913 gold half sov George V in capsule A total of 8 oz mixed bullion silver with US treasury tube. Also 1 oz dragon bar in capsule George V half sov in capsule £425 buyers choice of post. or make an offer
  8. You've been busy Connor lad! Nice one! Love the look of the "stamps of royalty"
  9. Fifer

    for auction Charity auction

    In memory of a, fellow member. 100% of proceeds will go to British Heart Foundation For auction: X1 2 oz 2020 silver canada goose. And X1 1oz 2020 Australian kangaroo Condition: Goose in capsule and kangaroo in flip. Bullion grade Starting time and date: CLOSED Starting price: £5 Charity donation: 100% of proceeds, from this auction, will go to the above named charity. A receipt of donation will be posted here on the auction thread. Postage will be fulfilled my end at my expense RMSD Incentive: I will also donate a 1oz 2020 kangaroo in flip case bullion grade
  10. Funny thing is I don't think about it when members post to me. But when I'm posting out I'm on tender hooks til they get it! Not so much that, I'm an honest guy and I want them to receive the PM, sharp, I just don't want to lose the kudos on the forum! 😁 Brilliant place mate. good people here. hope you left positive feedback for the seller 😉 And happy stacking you'd be probably be cheaper off being an alcoholic or a drug addict now though 🤣 I can't stop! 6 months ago I had no clue... I now have brits, kangaroos, maples, eagles, Libertads, a coin bar, two half sovs, a graded so
  11. How much is, the full set? Sorry coming in late here anything left lol
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