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  1. Steve999

    Dore gold

    i agree and it tests as legit, but you are right, and I am moving slow with it.
  2. Steve999

    Dore gold

    Hi there, I am buying some dore gold, 22k (tested by the mint at source), at a really good price, but am unsure about what to do with it. Should I import it to the UK and how much import tax would I pay on it, export it elsewhere as it. Are there refineries I could pay to get to 999 fine in the UK and get it stamped by the assay office? Lot of basic questions , this kind of fell in my lap. General pointers from anyone with experience would be great. thanks in advance Steve
  3. Hi there, I will take 2 sets, can you PM me please.
  4. Did the maples sell then?
  5. O would be interested in all ten, please PM me
  6. HI there, I would like some of these, can you PM me please.
  7. Sure PM me,. I am interested in it all.,.
  8. Hi there, Can you give me the quantity and overall prices for what you have left please? Maybe PM me.
  9. can you please PM me with all that you have available.
  10. Hi there, what is left to sell? Can you PM me please.
  11. Is anything left to buy here? I would have been interested in the lot
  12. No worries, I have bought something else
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