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  1. Hi there, I would be interested in 25 ozs
  2. Hi there, is this still available?
  3. Steve999

    Dore gold

    i agree and it tests as legit, but you are right, and I am moving slow with it.
  4. Steve999

    Dore gold

    Hi there, I am buying some dore gold, 22k (tested by the mint at source), at a really good price, but am unsure about what to do with it. Should I import it to the UK and how much import tax would I pay on it, export it elsewhere as it. Are there refineries I could pay to get to 999 fine in the UK and get it stamped by the assay office? Lot of basic questions , this kind of fell in my lap. General pointers from anyone with experience would be great. thanks in advance Steve
  5. Hi there, I will take 2 sets, can you PM me please.
  6. Hi there, cannot find silvertrader. Would like a few of these as well.
  7. Steve999

    Junk Silver

    Hi there, Doe anyone have contact details for European constitutional silver at a good price?
  8. Steve999

    Junk Silver

    Hi there, New to all of this and been buying some silver and gold coins, silver bars and a very small amount of junk silver. I like the idea of buying junk silver but do not know of a decent and reasonably priced way to buy this in the UK. Any advice on where to get this would be great, not keen on E-bay. cheers Steve
  9. I have bought quite a bit already on here and the value is excellent. Also bought from Royal Mint and waiting on some orders from European Mint, also https://www.silber-werte.de, becoming a bit addictive!!
  10. Thanks or that, looking now.
  11. Hi there, Recently started buying some silver and gold coins, silver bars etc and would like some advice from you experienced stackers on what and where to buy silver and gold. Bought from Bullion By Post, Royal Mint and just placed first order with European Mint. I see it as a longer term investment and want some volume. thanks in advance Steve
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