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  1. Scruff

    eBay madness

    Sounds like your typical "Place an order, then use that money to buy from somewhere else cheaper to fulfil said original order" sales tactic. I remember there was a sudden explosion of "sellers" back in the early 2000's who were advertising the latest limited edition first release Xbox's or whatever it was at massively over inflated prices, who were actually just using the customer's money to then buy said games console from XYZ distributor. Seller never actually had them in stock.
  2. For the moment...until our Over Lords decide otherwise. If they have the power to "decide" something is tax exempt or tax free, then by definition they have the power to "decide" something is not tax exempt or tax free and reverse it.
  3. Saw one of these on ebay a few weeks ago. I was very tempted. Not sure what it sold for.
  4. No idea. Just a hunch I have. But one thing is certain - we the stupid voting scum masses will almost certainly be getting butt crack raped....with zero lube.... six ways from sunday. Why? Because we the stupid scum voting masses NEVER learn our lesson.
  5. I reckon the EU as a whole will fall well before the UK crumbles due to the oncoming train wreck of an economic crash that is inbound. Once the cards begin to fall, each individual EU country will suddenly become VERY pro sovereign in order to stop their own populations stringing them up by the balls.
  6. 1/4 oz gold coin .9999 bullion, something along the lines of a Britannia / Standard or similar thereof. Ideally nothing older than 2016 / 2017.
  7. I had no idea you could get 1/10 oz silver Brits. Hmm, interesting.
  8. I care not for people's fake moral outrage and virtue signalling. Take a good look around your living room, and then ask yourself "I wonder who suffered in some s****** little turd world country so I can have that here in front of me now". Yeah, exactly. Emotions? **** 'em.
  9. Don't know. Don't care. Whole villages, rare animal species and ancient monuments could be wiped out during gold's excavation and my emotion-o-meter will still register zero.
  10. Ah, so usual word trickery nonsense. Dealers like this deserve to be executed as far as I'm concerned.
  11. I've gone through the motions by clicking "Proceed" and this is the next screen. Usual up-selling nonsense. Clicked "No" and was then presented with what appears to be the final payment screen to get a 1/2 oz silver coin for £2.50.
  12. Not withstanding the standard £60 purchase price, but £2.50 for 1/2 an oz of 999.9 (or even 999) is a steal. Hence my skepticism.
  13. https://www.londonmintoffice.org/shop/wartime-commemorations/the-greatest-briton-half-ounce-silver-coin
  14. Is that a genuine offer? £2.50 to cover postage and I get a pure silver, as in 999.9 silver, 1/2 silver coin? I'm always skeptical of these things when something sounds too good to be true.
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