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  1. I've been waiting for the past 3 months for the next coin in the great engravers series but ended up missing it by one day because I was never notified about the release. I know some people got notified one day before the release - Where did you sign up for these notifications? I get notifications all the time from the royal mint but nothing about this coin... Any information is appreciated, I really don't want to miss anymore in the future
  2. What methods do you use when valuating the price of British coins? (If books please mention their names) Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know any websites that sell Royal Mint coins on release day, other than the Royal Mint of course? Was looking to pickup some coins in the future as presents, but sometimes the Royal Mint only lets you purchase 1 per house hold. Thanks everyone!
  4. If anyone is curious, I contacted Steve and he informed me there is no official release date for the new book, however it will be released next year.
  5. They're out of stock sadly, you have to go to checkout on spink to see whether it's in stock or not
  6. Wanting to learn everything I can about sovereigns and I heard this book is great, sadly I can't find the 2017 edition anywhere, it seems to be soldout. Does anyone know where I can pick one up?
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