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  1. So to clarify with you BYB, physical silver coins, without VAT, is a great way to go to get the most out of your Fiat Currency. Can you recommend some trusted "EU" places to buy silver from please? as you say, if now until december is the best time to buy, I'll love to start accumulating as soon as possible. Who really knows how much time we have !
  2. Yeah I understand what you mean, although with the current state of affairs in the world I do believe there is a lot of price discovery to be had with many precious metals. But aside from that I am also definitely looking to preserve purchasing power as well as let my cash grow Added 0 minutes later... Thanks very much, I'll check out your video
  3. That's great thanks, I've just signed up to bullionvault and on their order board now. Looks great and good prices, and so is VAT included in this?
  4. Thanks for the message, I know they've included the VAT in my purchases when I place the orders. and there prices are currently at £21.29 per OZ , at 17:45pm GMT 15/09/2020. which is quite competitive to my research? What would you say is the best way to stack silver/precious metals in terms of ROI? (Return on Investment). If it's holding actual physical silver coins with me at home in a safe then I would be willing to do that. But for convenience I would prefer to just have my holdings digital. Obviously there is the risk of third parties with the way I've currently started doing i
  5. Hi Guys, first post in the forum and I hope to be able to add some value to this community! But I to need some help. I have recently been putting money into "digital" silver on royalmint.com. I am based in the UK and although I've timed my purchases quite well, and currently should be up on my investment, I am not. I can only imagine this is because I have been paying VAT on the silver I've been buying. What I'd really love to know is the place to park my hard earned cash into Silver, without having to pay VAT and large fee's etc? I should say that I am really only STACK
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