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  1. I recently purchased some 10 oz. RCM silver bars, which came sealed in individual plastic "flips" (for lack of a better word). Are these safe to leave them in? I have heard plastic/PVC flips can cause tarnishing over time, but these are very neatly stored in their packets, and it protects them from scratches. Does anyone know if this is going to be an issue? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah having the same issue - would love to keep regularly adding, but it usually pays to wait for a pullback, even if temporary. Things have gotten to the point where I'm *hoping* to get an AGE 1 oz. for $2000 including the premium. And that just ain't happening right now. I'd probably satisfy the cravings with some sovereigns or other foreign gold, but the taxes charged in my state make that equally unpalatable. Just going to pile up cash until I get a price I can handle.
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