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  1. Hi @Clockpuncher If you have trust issue, you can book an appointment to any of our branch so we can best assists you. To book an appointment to visit our US branch, send an email to delivery@peninsulahcap.com and to book an appointment for our Uk branch, send an email to ukdeliverybranch@peninsulahcap.com.
  2. Hi @Martlet I check your cart I notice the error maybe at your end or you never check the price total correctly. if you check the image below the total is correct
  3. Hi @DrunkMonk I see the coin you are referring to is the "2012 1 oz Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin" The miss match in price was cause by the discount, our tech department has been notify about the issue. Once more thanks for the notification.
  4. @DrunkMonk Our prices are regularly been updated via script, that should be a bug and thanks very much for the update. I will report the issue to our developers so they can look into that. we have been facing this issue with great price different sometime very high and sometimes very low, but during processing of any order, all the prices are been check to see if it match the current exchange rate. Once more thanks for pointing that out.
  5. Hi @Abyss if you have issue placing your order via our online store, please you can do that on desk in our UK branch and pay with physical cash. I see you have Trust issue, you can also book an appointment and make your purchase directly from our store. Please email our UK branch at ( ukdeliverybranch@peninsulahcap.com ) to book an appointment. We are open for visit only via appointment, so you can email our UK branch book an appointment okay. Thank you all very much. Once more we are sorry if you have any miss understanding with one of our support agent.
  6. Great choice and it looks very nice.
  7. The designer need to study the dog more to understand how brave they are.
  8. Hello everyone, Happy to be part of this great community.
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