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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately none of those handy tricks worked. I'm still not sure what those stains were. My guess some ink spillage at the mint as its pretty deep in the silver and unnoticed by quality control. Anyway, the honest seller is happy for me to exchange it, so no loss there. But thanks for everyone's input anyway.
  2. Yep, watched all those videos. But its not tarnish that I'm looking to get removed. Not sure what this stain is, maybe someone else in here recognizes it or has seen it before?
  3. I bought it off eBay (reputable seller) but it was in a capsule so perhaps an oversight. Tested it and it's the real deal, so no issue there. Have emailed the seller, but honestlyI don't mind, if it can be easily cleaned with some home made remedy.
  4. Hey all, I just got this nice Silver Kangaroo 1oz in the mail and it appears to have some ink stain (I assume) on the edge. Is there a way to identify what it is, and if so, a safe method of cleaning it off? Cheers!
  5. I didn't see on their site that they're VAT free. Anyway, I ordered a couple of cheap bits (risk free and I paid via PayPal, so I have buyer protection incase it goes south) so I'll confirm once received.
  6. They are based in Bulgaria.
  7. Isn't all Silver charged with VAT?
  8. Thanks for the greetings. Friendly bunch Not sure how many stackers are also from France. I have yet to meet any (online and in real life).
  9. Hello all, first time post. Nice to meet you all. Has anyone had any purchasing experience with Europa Bullion? They're based in Bulgaria apparently. Tempted to order, but can't find any reviews etc ... Cheers guys.
  10. Hey there, greetings from Paris! I'm not French, so don't judge me I just ended up marrying a Frenchie, so here I am! Nice to meet you all. Hope to learn a lot from this forum and hopefully start trading some pieces also. Cheers
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