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  1. I'm just curious to know if capsules are necessary.
  2. Is it better to keep our coins, in my case currently half sovereigns in coin capsules? I'm only asking because the above site sells pretty nice boxes but they are designed to be used without capsules. Right now I'm using a box with capsule but it was only a cheapy off amazon. Does the job but would like something that is aesthetically pleasing aswell lol.
  3. My thought exactly mate. I've even contacted them through FB messenger about a couple of things but after today's update on here in gonna give it a miss. I'll just put the money towards a 2.5 gr bar from Bairds.
  4. snipersam

    Exit strategy?

    WOW I am impressed. No need to show off your watch though 😂
  5. snipersam

    Exit strategy?

    Its not about who's got what though its about like minded people seeing your collection. I for one would love to see them. And nobody gives a hoot what watch you've got either.
  6. I tried to find it aswell when it was first mentioned here but with no luck.
  7. 49 quid for a gram seems pretty decent to me if your stacking. Might get a couple of those.
  8. snipersam

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    I had to Google what these were such is my ignorance. Are these considered to be an investment, much like being gold bars/coins? Where prices can go up or down?
  9. Actually that's a good idea. And no nothing in particular. Just looking to build a small collection of halves before moving onto full. Bought another last night on bullion by post so that'll do me for a month anyway. Unless something comes up on the forum 😂🙈
  10. Trust me I'm looking 😁
  11. Good afternoon folks. So where is best to buy Half sovereigns then outside of the usual places like Bairds, RM, Harrington etc. Many thanks.
  12. Have 2 of these. The other doesn't have the plastic case for whatever reason.
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