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  1. Actually that's a good idea. And no nothing in particular. Just looking to build a small collection of halves before moving onto full. Bought another last night on bullion by post so that'll do me for a month anyway. Unless something comes up on the forum 😂🙈
  2. Trust me I'm looking 😁
  3. Good afternoon folks. So where is best to buy Half sovereigns then outside of the usual places like Bairds, RM, Harrington etc. Many thanks.
  4. Have 2 of these. The other doesn't have the plastic case for whatever reason.
  5. Appreciate the response.
  6. As the title suggests, and I'm sure the more experienced or even the less experienced will know straight away and I'm just being thick but I was given these years ago and they have lay in a drawer ever since. It's only recently when I've started to get interested in precious metal that I wondered about them. Silver or not I still think they are pretty cool coins. As always any help is very much appreciated.
  7. So long as I get the half Sovereign I'm really not too bothered. I'll just block the numbers on my phone.
  8. I get where you're coming from but the fact that I don't know what I'm talking about means I wouldn't be buying from them based on what they tell me. I'm on this forum for a reason. And that's to try and get an understanding of it all.
  9. Yes I agree. I drive for a living too but was off the van at the time. I'm happy to talk to people but like you say I've ordered something because that's want I want. Once my knowledge grows then I'll maybe go for more collectable stuff but right now I'm buying gold for the gold. Not the collectability.
  10. Well got my first call from H&B advising me that the 2020 half sov probably isn't the right purchase. I explained that as I'm only starting out on my Gold stacking journey that it is the right choice. And that thankfully was how the conversation ended. No upselling, although I think if I had of shown any sort of interest then he would have pounced.
  11. I've gone and ordered 2020 half sovereign this evening. And I'm prepared for the influx afterwards 😂
  12. Thanks for that. Out of curiosity do people care if they are receiving a nice shiny coin or one that looks "aged"?
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