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  1. Big drop on silver again today. My intention while back was to just keep them for the long term. I sold a few bars but thinking of just putting them away for a while and maybe sticking to the original plan of keeping them for a few years.
  2. Only few bars left but will close this for now due to the drop in silver prices hope the price will pick up again soon, and will look to sell the remaining ones
  3. Best bump due to forum being down all weekend
  4. Good afternoon, I have several 1kg Baird & Co Silver Bullion bars for sale. £780 plus shipping (approx £10 per bar). I bought these in July 2020 Bank transfer and UK shipping only. best regards
  5. They look great will watch this thread with interest for the next release of bars.
  6. Has anyone seen the silver bullion in Costco? Saw post earlier about one in Wembley but can’t find anything on google regarding Costco selling them across other stores?
  7. I think/hope so. I personally think silver is still undervalued compared with gold for example. I bought some bars a few months ago and was lucky that the price has gone up quite a lot since then, but that’s only evened out the VAT that was payable on buying the bars in the first place! (So seems need to raise by 20% just to break even!) my plan was to stick it away for 10 years but I am tempted to sell too. Not sure what to do
  8. Good morning, I only started getting into metals this year and bought some 1kg Baird & Co silver bars. I’d been researching gold for a while but at the time of lockdown the gold prices went crazy so I thought it was a bad time to buy (I was wrong!) however I started looking into silver and seemed really appealing and undervalued but only downside was the VAT part - which I still don’t fully understand why is applies to silver and not gold? Plan was to hide it away for a good few years but am tempted to sell a few of them. apologies for rambling, it’s good to have somewh
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