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  1. all lots sold. just sixpences remaining
  2. bump. sixpences and lots 1-6 still available
  3. hmmm I'm thinking a 1986 libertad as the movie was filmed in Mexico in 1986, didn't come out until 87 though. I think people could be onto something with the Austrian thing though. I just realised there is a coin in the washers. Can I change my guess to a 2020 year of the rat please As for the washers I'll guess 222. Thank you, this will bother me until I know the answer on the 5th now haha
  4. For sale, I thought I'd pop these on here before ebay as the last one was popular. I have a date run of every silver sixpence from 1920 to 1946. I believe the 1920 is a 50% coin not 925, the 1925 is a wide rim and I cannot tell if the 26 is a revised portrait or not. I'm looking for Β£60 for these. I also have another 7 lots of pre 47 british coins. I've tried to weigh these out as close to an ozt as possible and I have got them within +/- 2g (or +/- 1g of Actualy silver weight). Lots are made up of sixpences, shillings, florins and half crowns. If you are looking for somethi
  5. hi tony, these ones are sold but I'm about to list a few more
  6. As stated in the title I'm after a 2013 UK Royal Birth Β£5 St. George & the Dragon Pistrucci’s design Silver Proof crown coin. Please PM me if you have one you'd let go.
  7. Title says it all. 1 ozt of junk silver, mostly pre 47 UK as well as 1 swedish krona and 1 australian 6d. Β£22 plus buyers choice of postage thanks for looking
  8. Looking to pick up a 1981 proof crown coin with coa and box. Can't seam to find one without an inflated price tag. please feel free to pm me
  9. I'm in. I'll offer a 2021 britannia or a 2020 coat of arms, winners choice.
  10. I was under the impression he would be George VII, however I'm hoping Lizzie holds on for a while yet. She'll be the last female any of us will ever see on the throne and I'm in no rush to have Charles' face in my pocket.
  11. bump, added a couple more Quokkas and reduced the price.
  12. bump. only 1 quokka and the bull left.
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