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  1. Perhaps the £1125 has something to do with the slower sales....
  2. I’m going run that specific point on the mintage of 4 to 9 past the RM again. I was mainly interested in the Winnie numbers because you could interpret a much higher total mintage if you totalled the mintage information on each web page for the single, 3 coin and 9 coin offerings. Agree 225 would make 4 to 9 quite collectible. I wonder if they will actually release in 2 further tranches with same format: Coins 4 to 6 (100 single coins and another 3 coin set of 200) Coins 7 to 9 (100 single coins and another 3 coin set of 200) But then again, what’s the benefit for
  3. To Chrisplym... Indeed, that’s what I understood. Oir
  4. RM did confirm total gold for the WtP is 525. And they confirmed how that 525 is distributed. 100 per single coin release 200 per 3 coin set 225 per 9 coin set
  5. I asked my contact at the RM about the mintage of the WtP gold 50p I ordered the 9 coin set and was concerned that the mintage of 525 would be stretched e.g. Single coin = 525 3 coin set = another 525 9 coin set = yet another 525 Potential total mintage 1575. The RM responded and assured me the mintage split would be as follows... Single coin = 100 coins 3 coin set = 200 coins 9 coin set = 225 coins The later coins would become lower mintage (225) as the final 6 coins were released.
  6. My 100 gram bar arrived safe and well, along with its rather impressive friend..... Thank you BYB, it is an absolute pleasure to do business with you. Oir
  7. Thanks and TBH - I hadn't picked up on the fact it had been previously released. I'm already gaining from the body of knowledge within this forum! Cheers! Oir
  8. Hi NumisMatt, thanks for the reply. My contact at RM offered it to me yesterday which I accepted. Said that the balance of the coins remaining would be sold today. I asked about the mintage and was given the figure 150. Maybe that was the number that were available yesterday? Regardless, was happy to get one and thought it might be of interest to the community. Regards, Oir
  9. Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Oir and I am new to the forum. For those interested, the 5 Oz Queen Silver Proof goes on sale at the RM tomorrow morning (£485). I believe the mintage is 150 max. There is a gold version available too (>£10K) Kind regards, Oir
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